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MOTI beauty CMO Zhou Jie’s a series of classic talks about electronic cigarettes


Zhou Jie, incumbent Lei Yan Yan Technology Co., Ltd., MOTI vape brand CMO, has been the former co founder and COO of the elephant guild. From the photos, Zhou Jie’s first impression is that she is beautiful, open-minded and elegant, soft inside and mature, and a typical workplace woman.

Outside, compared with other brands, the management team of MOTI is relatively low-key, pragmatic and not publicized. But in addition to the company’s CMO Zhou Jie, perhaps because of her position, Zhou Jie has had frequent exchanges with the outside world in the past two years. We often see some conversations about MOTI and electronic cigarette from her, which is worth learning.

1. The essence of electronic cigarette is a functional product to replace cigarettes.

Zhou Jie: Although I am a woman, I am very exclusive of all kinds of cultural attributes currently imposed on the brand of electronic cigarettes. My idea is very direct, and even a little straight. I think the essence of electronic cigarettes is a functional product to replace cigarettes. It helps smokers meet their nicotine intake needs while effectively reducing the harm caused by smoking, which is its function. Especially in the process of mass communication, we should never use such misleading descriptions as “health preservation”, “longevity”, or “young people’s first cigarette”, which is against our original intention. At the end of last year, we tried a lot of cross-border marketing methods in the promotion and business cooperation, such as the hot Spring Festival “Wandering Earth”, with which we jointly signed a limited edition of MOTI, and the response was very enthusiastic.

2. MOTI’s Origin: Targeting Smokers

Zhou Jie: MOTI made a clear attitude at the beginning of its brand establishment – targeting smokers. Whether in brand research or according to international research data, e-cigarettes are helpful to quit smoking and replace smoking. We believe that e-cigarettes are functional products. We do not want to say that it is cool, nor do we want to add humanistic value to it. That is to say, e-cigarettes can be used as a tool for old smokers to replace smoking and quit smoking.

3. MOTI only develop the stock market, that is, only a functional product aimed at the demand of smokers to replace cigarettes.

Zhou Jie: MOTI will always insist on only making the stock market, that is, only making functional products to meet the needs of smokers. This is also a lot of brands, especially in the early days, it is difficult to have the courage to come up with this concept.

4. Three Core Competences of Electronic Cigarette Brand

Zhou Jie: The core competitiveness of e-cigarette brand is nothing more than three aspects: the quality of product end, the brand’s quick response combat capability and the product development iteration capability.

5. The application of nicotine salt technology in 2015 is the basis for electronic cigarettes to reach the public.

Zhou Jie: The application of nicotine salt technology in 2015 is the basis for electronic cigarettes to reach the public. MOTI replaces free nicotine with nicotine salt, which increases the absorption efficiency of nicotine from less than 1% in the past to 5%. It also improves the sense of throat striking and closes to the real tobacco experience.

6. Sponsorship of concerts is a considerable cost.

Zhou Jie: Sponsoring a music festival and building a booth may cost more than 1 million yuan. It’s not a small cost to distribute free starter kits at the festival.

MOTI beauty CMO Zhou Jie

7. The enormous potential of the electronic market requires the industry itself to be highly demanding and high-standard, and to establish industry norms to promote the regulation of a good ecological environment for the industry.

Zhou Jie: MOTI’s industry self-confidence has always been rooted in the product itself and brand attitude. The huge potential of the electronic market requires the industry itself to have high standards and establish industry norms to promote the industry to form a good ecological environment. At present, there is no perfect electronic cigarette product on the market, and MOTI is confident to break through the industry bottleneck and create a more perfect substitute experience for smokers.

MOTI beauty CMO Zhou Jie

8. Exposure of electronic cigarettes at 3.15 party will not have much influence on brands.

Zhou Jie: This exposure will not have much impact on the brand. If you haven’t smoked, please don’t touch the electronic cigarette. On all occasions, we appeal to non-smokers not to try nicotine products and strictly prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. The description of electronic cigarettes at the 3.15 party is basically correct, but the conclusion is somewhat one-sided. For example, it’s problematic to say that electronic cigarettes emit trace harmful substances, regardless of the dose, but the dose is actually a very important impact indicator. Electronic cigarettes are designed to replace cigarettes for smokers. Compared with traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are much less harmful.

9. The state should promulgate policies as soon as possible to promote the standardization and institutionalization of electronic cigarette industry at an early date.

Zhou Jie: As a practitioner, we hope to see the healthy development of the electronic cigarette industry. At the same time, the state should introduce policies as soon as possible to promote the standardization and institutionalization of the electronic cigarette industry as soon as possible, and to provide a healthier and more pleasant living environment for people.

MOTI  vape

MOTI is an electronic cigarette brand rising in recent two years in China. Its team belongs to MAGMA Electronic Cigarette Company, a senior player in the industry. The latter has launched MOJO in the American market. MOTI founding team members started their business in the United States in 2010. After three generations of product changes of EGO (first generation electronic cigarette), APV (high-power device), POD SYSTEM, they founded or co-founded GEEKVAPE, VAPORESSO (both of them are the top five brands of APV in the world) and other well-known electronic cigarette brands. In December 2018, MOTI was invested by the Zhen Fund Pre-A round of $10 million. The funds are mainly used for the development and brand marketing of two types of electronic cigarettes, namely MOTI and MOJO.

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