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MOTI vape MOTI S with Bluetooth is coming soon


A poster picture of the famous electronic cigarette brand MOTI attracted great public attention. On the top of the poster is the product picture, and on the bottom it says, “MOTI is a new generation of smart electronic cigarettes”.

moti vape

The day before yesterday, news media Landong exposed the new video and dismantling of new MOTI product. According to the article, the structure of traditional cigarette circuit board is relatively simple, the number of components is small, most of the circuit boards are only nail cap size, but the internal components of the new Moti are much more complex, the size is nearly three times that of conventional circuit board.

The product is boldly assumed to record users’ use of the electronic cigarettes, like a sports bracelet, and then connect to APP to regenerate a vaping report. For example, how many puffs this pod has produced, what is its maximum puff depth, and how long it takes, even the frequency of vaping, and so on.

moti vape new product

One user even said, “I know someone who has tested inside.” This new MOTI product will be equipped with three kinds of heaters, suitable for various types of e-liquids, to eliminate condensation, dry burn, once to solve all kinds of pain points of electronic cigarette.”

And he said, “Bluetooth is not simply a puff recorder or a child lock… It recognizes the pods, combines the user’s big data, chooses the matching curve for different flavorss, and optimizes the taste! ”

“At the same time, it also has battery management functions, enhance the taste while significantly increasing the endurance… And user experience is almost non-operational, easy for use! Whether this information is true or not is still uncertain. If this can be done, it will greatly enhance the experience of electronic cigarettes!

moti vape

In response to the above information, we contacted the official relevant persons of MOTI. MOTI official said that the company is indeed preparing for a new generation of intelligent electronic cigarette products related work, release schedule, product name, pricing and other information will be released.

On November 27, 2018, after in-depth understanding of the e-cigarette through, we saw the development trend of Bluetooth e-cigarette, and published the article “Deep Analysis of the Value and Significance of Electronic Cigarette+Bluetooth“. Unexpectedly, MOTI made the product so quickly.

moti vape new product

Especially after the collaborationwith the well-known film “Wandering Earth” and legendary rock artist David Bowie, we launched joint-name products HERO, MOTI gained a good reputation in the industry and quickly achieved the brand popularity.

Now “MOTI new generation of intelligent electronic cigarettes” poster pictures have been exposed, is the era of intelligent electronic cigarettes really coming?

Officials did not release more product details. It is understood that the first batch of internal testing experience officers are currently being recruited.

Off topics related news on 26th July of MOTI:

moti vape new product

We found a MOTI vape store in Uniwalk (Yifang Center) in Shenzhen on 26th July.

Uniwalk is the largest shopping mall in Shenzhen and has brands like Addidas, ZARA, Porsche, Maserati and Cadillac, etc.

After talking with the shopkeeper, we found that the shop was open since May 2019. It’s a direct-sale store of the MOTI brand. The MOTI vape starter kit is sold at 199 yuan. I tried all the flavors there and found Mint is the best. Other flavors like fruits are too sweet for an old smoker.

moti vape new product

The location of MOTI shop in Yifang Center:

When asked what other starter kit products does MOTI have, the shopkeeper said, “We only has the MOTI vape classic starter kit being sold at present. The only model of MOTI. And MOJO as the subsidiary brand of MOTI, is a disposable vape pen. MOJO is really popular in USA night clubs and it was sold over 100 thousand sets in the USA so far.”

When asked what other vape brands are inside or near the shopping center, the shopkeeper said, “No other shop here yet, we are the only one vape brand shop here. RELX is mainly sold online and they barely have offline shops”

I took out the Snow+ vape and showed it to the shopkeeper, “Have you seen Snow+ vape before?” “Not yet, I haven’t heard the name before.” The shopkeeper replied after a careful observation of my vape.

Finally, I bought one and got the wholesale information from the brand directly, leave a message below for more about it.

moti vape wholesale


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