QUIT-ONE square tube shape disposable pod vape review

Appearance: The device is made of aerospace aluminum, and the surface is sprayed with silicone. The hand feel is very good, the skin touch feel is good, and it is quite comfortable to play. The bottom is still a bit rough, it is recommended to use a rounded edge. The box is marked with a distribution map of throat hit, coolness and richness, which can be used to intuitively select your favorite flavor to vape. What is more interesting is that the kit contains an airflow cover mouthpiece and three filters, which can be used according to personal preference. The addition of the kit and the filter can better isolate the e-liquid condensate and effectively reduce the condensate vaped into mouth. The vaping resistance is just right, it isn’t loose or tight. The overall packaging and design are produced with care among all the disposable pod vapes. Rating: 9/10

E-liquid leakage: Disposable type pod vapes basically do not leak, and this one does not have this problem as well. So I don’t put more words on this. Rating:10/10

QUIT-ONE square tube shape disposable pod vape review

Condensate: My device’s condensate didn’t show up. With a hollow filter, you basically won’t encounter this problem. Rating:10/10

Burnt core: Normal frequency vaping doesn’t cause it. Rating:10/10

Spitback: No spitback at all. 10/10

QUIT-ONE square tube shape disposable pod vape review

Flavor and throat hit:

Ice watermelon: nicotine content of 30mg / ml, weak throat satisfaction. The nicotine content is not stated on the packaging, which is suggested to be improved. The pure watermelon flavor is not concentrated on the skin’s flavor, nor is the excessively heavy & artificial flavor commonly found in watermelon taste. It would be even better if the sweetness of watermelon juice pulp could be restored more. The coolness is not very high, just an aid to the taste. 7.5 / 10

Endurance: The official data is 2ml e-liquid, 300 mAh battery, and can support about 400 puffs. My personal using experience is basically consistent with the official data. This item is related to the individual vaping strength & frequency and is for reference only. It is considerate that the official marked the recommended single drag time with and without airflow kit on the device. It helps novice consumers get a better vaping experience. 9/10

QUIT-ONE square tube shape disposable pod vape review

Verdict: The materials used in packaging and accessories are very solid, and there is no sense of cheapness often reflected by disposable vapes. The overall direction of the flavor is accurate and there are no mistakes. But it is not very eye-catching on the whole. Its brand focuses on tobacco flavor, friends who are interested in tobacco can take a try. My e-cigarette preference is not tobacco flavor, so I don’t judge it. 8/10

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