Super cool MOTI co brand customized edition – Black and red flame vape

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Author: Teana Wolf
Important statement: This article is objective and fair, and stand in the shoes of vapers without forgetting the vaper’s original intention.

MOTI is the first brand that I have experienced with pod vapes. Among so many brands, it is also a pod vape that has been frequently used. I would like to take this opportunity to thank MOTI for providing me with its official joint product.

The MOTI black and red flame official electronic cigarette pays homage to David Bowie, the world-class rock master, style builder and legendary artist!

Don’t you know who David Bowie is?

MOTI vape Black and red flame

David Bowie

A brief introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia: David Bowie (January 8, 1947-January 11, 2016), formerly David Robert Haywood Jones, born in Brixton, London, UK, is a British rock singer and actor.

How cool, how rock

Heroes is an album of David Bowie. This time, we also got a black and red flame MOTI Lightning edition from Bowie by Mick Rock, a brand of MOTI electronic cigarette, which is a special edition in the exhibition in China. We should all be familiar with Moti electronic cigarette. It has launched several joint customized products, from last year’s Wondering Earth version to this black and red flame Heroes joint name version,

David Bowie used his whole life to explain what is cool, which is also the core brand attitude of Moti.

How cool is it? Don’t talk much. Talk with pictures

MOTI vape Black and red flame

The packaging is still the classic outer box of MOTI, and the black and red flame cooperation type box is added separately outside the box. The overall design style adopts the rock style of David Bowie.

MOTI vape Black and red flame

Fashionable and cool, more elegant design

MOTI vape Black and red flame MOTI vape Black and red flame

MOTI vape Black and red flame

Basic package content:

MOTI vape Black and red flame

1. Moti co brand device * 1;

2. Classic tobacco flavor pod * 1;

3. Micro USB charging cable * 1

4. Product instructions

MOTI vape Black and red flame

The device is made of light-emitting materials and adopts extreme oxidation technology. It feels super comfortable, wear-resistant and not easy to fade. The integrated device body has the rendering effect of black and red gradients, which is really great. There is also a unique MVM logo at the bottom of the device!

MOTI vape Black and red flame

White lightning is printed on the front of the device, and the unique design of small red point breathing lamp is in the middle of the lightning. It also represents David Bowie’s two-color different pupils, which can be said to be the best finishing touch of this cooperation.

MOTI vape Black and red flame

On the back of the device, there is the words HEROS. This is a very famous work of David Bowie, which is more personalized.

MOTI vape Black and red flame

The focus of this review is on the design style of the MOTI co brand edition. As for the taste of pod, a classic tobacco flavor comes with the kit. As the little friends who have used the MOTI should know, the nicotine content is still sufficient, the mellow and strong tobacco flavor, without any miscellaneous flavor, the entrance is very smooth, and the real tobacco flavor is highly restored, as the MOTI brand slogan says ” Three seconds to start, five puffs in buzz.”

Three seconds to start, five puffs in buzz., MOTI vape.

Generally speaking, I like this device very much. If you like it, it’s very suitable for collection, especially the fashionable black and red gradually changing color matching. It’s cool to take it out. Finally, put some official pictures for you to have a look!

Where to buy MOTI vape

MOTI vape Black and red flame MOTI vape Black and red flame

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