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GMK M1 cartridge-based starter kit pod vape review


Appearance: The author received the M1 cartridge-based starter kit pod vape from the brand at the GMK booth at the Beijing VEB e-cigarette exhibition. The M1 is made of aerospace aluminum and has a curved metal finish. The top cartridge insertion opening and bottom edge are slightly paddled, and a more comfortable arc surround is recommended. The device has multiple reminders for over-dose. It will vibrate when inhaled in 15 mouths in 5 minutes and flashes twice at the same time to remind the corrected nicotine to reach the content of a cigarette. The cartridge is designed with magnetic connection, which is inserted in both directions. The mouthpiece is also very ergonomic, and it is very comfortable in the mouth. Rating: 8/10

GMK M1 cartridge-based starter kit pod vape reviewGMK M1 cartridge-based starter kit pod vape review

Flavor and throat hit: The starter kit received this time comes with an ice-scented mint-flavored cartridge, as well as fresh lemon, cola ice and old popsicle flavors. The cartridge uses a cotton-clad ceramic atomizing core heating structure, and the capacity of each pod is 2ml.

GMK M1 cartridge-based starter kit pod vape review

Ice Mint: 20mg / ml nicotine content, weak throat hit. The overall fragrance focuses on the herbal flavor of mint itself, which is more natural and not too cold. The astringent sensation of peppermint herb is well restored, and the herbal scent is full. The mint itself is relatively monotonous, and it is not suitable for continuous draw. It is best to match other flavors as an over-exchange. Consumers who like unsweetened, minty herbal flavors can come and experience it, and they should prefer it. Rating: 8.5 / 10

Fresh lemon: 20mg / ml nicotine content, weak throat hit. The entrance to mouth comes with a faint lemongrass style. The fresh style is matched with the fresh fragrance of lemon. The overall taste is lighter, but the fragrance in the mouth is very comfortable. The continuous draw experience is better and there is no hollow feeling. After smoking six or seven mouthfuls, I can taste a touch of sweetness as a taste aid. Personally, I think it will be better if some lemons can properly reflect the sour experience. The sweetness is added properly, without undermining the overall refreshing tone, and performs well. Rating: 8/10

Ice Cola: 20mg / ml nicotine content, weak throat hit. Its first impression is Pepsi-style, with a slight caramel flavor and a slightly sour taste, and moderate sweetness. The rustling feeling of a little bubble is more perfect if it can restore the cola’s gas. The overall fragrance performed well in the cola. I really wanted a bottle of Cola in the house after the vaping. The taste is very good. The continuous puffing did not reduce the taste significantly and the flavor was full. Rating: 8/10GMK M1 cartridge-based starter kit pod vape review

Old Popsicles: 20mg / ml nicotine content, weak throat hit. The first impression is a rich childhood popsicle flavor, yes, it is the sugar water taste when it was a child, and it is very similar. The coolness is not obvious, and continuous suction will accumulate in the throat, which is more comfortable and not too cold. The sweetness is also moderate, and it is not greasy. It is very plump when vaping, and there is a fragrance of old popsicle in the mouth. Rating: 8.5 / 10

E-liquid leakage: there is no leakage before the cartridge is unpacked, and the bottom of the cartridge is marked with the flavor information of the cartridge. No vape juice leakage has been encountered for the time being. Rating: 10/10

Condensate: It is very important to draw in correct ways. Don’t vaping lying down or leaning on the side. This is the common sense of smoking pod vapes. The GMK M1 uses an inverted trapezoidal anti-condensation channel design and e-liquid and gas separation technology. The bottom of the cartridge is equipped with oil-absorbing cotton, which greatly reduces the probability of drawing in condensate. The actual draw has not encountered the phenomenon of condensate. However, there is a very small problem. There is often a grunting sound of condensation accumulated in the second half of the pod. If it can be improved, it will be better. Rating: 9/10

Spitback: No spitback. Rating: 10/10

Burnt core: Continuous vaping at normal frequency doesn’t cause this issue. 10/10

Endurance: The battery capacity is 420 mAh, and the Type-C charging interface is used. The official publicity charging time was forty minutes, and my personal experience is basically the same. The breathing light flashes during charging and stays on when fully charged. Rating: 8.5 / 10

GMK M1 cartridge-based starter kit pod vape review

Verdict: The fragrance on the taste is very great, the taste is relatively good, the vaping experience is comfortable, and the overall preference is for a fresh style. Each cartridge written on the package is 1.8ml, which was later changed to an actual capacity of 2ml, which is a conscientious design. There is a disadvantage of the outer packaging cover. It is not easy to open after opening the plastic seal. It is recommended to improve it. Rating: 8/10

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A nice cartridge-based starter kit pod vape.GMK M1 cartridge-based starter kit pod vape review