Monday, June 17, 2024

IAIDO MOD review: a cost-effective & high-end box mod – DirtyCheck No.130


BPmod from Bruce has become a well-known name worldwide, and its products are basically sold out once they are on the shelf.

At the same time, the new product IAIDO MOD takes the use of the rare DNA60 chip this time. It also leads to limited production capacity making it more precious.

And today let’s take a look at the new hard-to-buy product, IAIDO MOD.

IAIDO MOD reviewIAIDO MOD reviewIAIDO MOD review

IAIDO MOD review


1. Take the same 18650 and 18350 kit design as Hilt
2. Hand feeling, grip feeling is very real, compound ergonomics
3. DNA60 super chip, with Type-c interface for the first time
4. The turbo power and taste experience are great
5. The price is best in the same type of box

IAIDO MOD review

IAIDO MOD review


1. Overall weight (18650 form), 18350 appearance, ordinary look;
2.18350 form cannot be directly charged;
3. The 18650 form will have a convergence tolerance, and there had been cases of strong hand-cutting in some cases;
4. DNA is more cumbersome compared to other self-contained chip operations;
5. Serious hand sweat on it.

IAIDO MOD review


According to the practice of BRUCE bpVape, there will be a series of parts and accessories for it later, DIY players can expect it.

If you want a cost-effective device with a chip system that exceeds the first-line standard, just buy it;
If you want a high cost-effective, similar box at the same price, just buy it;
If you want a high-end device with proper weight, it’s not a must.
After all, there is 18350.
If you want to pursue a box with excellent weight, experience, and cost-effectiveness, listen to me, it won’t be your choice.
Artist won’t buy it either.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy IAIDO MOD @$149.99

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