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How To Vape Benevolently At Workplace


We get so many questions regarding vape etiquette, whether it is on a restaurant patio or at the park, but nothing has our consumers more baffled than how to vape benevolently at workplace. Here is our say:
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Know your office policies:

Having a clear idea about the policies set by your workplace will help you to not cross the restrictions for vaping. However, not all offices have rules for vaping. In this scenario, try to follow the leads of your colleagues, or ask your office manager regarding specific policies for vaping & e-cigarettes.

Know your surrounding:

Practice mindfulness when taking a vaping break. Try to relax and reconnect with your conscious mind & your surrounding even if the vaping point is somewhere close to the dumpers or parking lot. Doing so will help you maintain proper vape etiquette and will make the 5-minute break more invigorating. The goal here for you should be to come back to your job with a renewed focus.

Read the local laws:

Read the local laws before vaping during your travel. Regardless of where you’re, lack of knowledge about the law shouldn’t be an excuse. Find out if the country has prohibitions on vapes, e-juices, and e-cig supplies.

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Never Vape In These Situations:

  • In crowded spaces, particularly when kids are near.
  • On public transportation systems.
  • In your work carpool.
  • Before board meetings.
  • In employee lounge areas.

Bottom line:

The worst thing one can do is be insensitive when vaping. You will only end of insulting colleagues & irritate those around you who depend on your geniality as part of a fair and balanced office. You don’t wish to be the person who gets vaping banned for everybody, right? Common sense and common courtesy are all you require to stay productive & friendly without forfeiting your affection for vaping. In fact, by doing so you may even able to change the perception of vaping in your workplace.
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