Is There Any Health Benefit Of Vaping

For years, scientists have been gathering proof that shows vaping is a safer substitute to regular smoking. Many studies conducted in the UK clarified that the people who switched to vaping from conventional cigarette feel better after doing so.

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Study suggests vaping may decrease smoking-associated health concerns:

Do you know that people who smoke regularly have a much higher possibility of developing respiratory issues like pneumonia or bronchitis? A study conducted to assess the health effects of people who switched to vaping from traditional cigarettes found that switching to vaping considerably decreased 8 biomarkers of smoking – as much as quitting smoking entirely.

In that research, 90 partakers were divided into 6 groups that included 3 groups switching to vaping, one group continue to take regular cigarettes, and one group stopped smoking altogether. The researchers took blood and urine sample after 5 days to assess the levels of biomarkers for exposure present. They discovered that the group that stopped smoking totally had their biomarkers decreased 85.3 percent. Nonetheless, the group that switched from smoking to vaping had 85 percent decrease in their biomarkers. This shows that switching to vaping is nearly as productive at decreasing your biomarkers for chemical exposure as quitting completely.

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Other possible health advantages associated with vaping include but not limited to:

Regulate nicotine consumption: vaping lets you to regulate your nicotine consumption because of the different level of nicotine strength accessible with e-cig. You have the luxury to choose from low, medium or high nicotine strength. This feature makes sure that you won’t get more nicotine than your ability.

Boost lung function: One study took 20,000 folks and checked their lung function after switching vaping and they discovered that almost 76 percent of the partakers accounted better lung function inside a few months of switching to e-cig.


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Decrease the risks of second-hand smoking: When vaping you aren’t inhaling those injurious chemicals that usually found in conventional cigarettes. And this is certainly a great news for people living with a smoker and don’t wish to experience secondhand smoke.

Prevent weight gain: When you quit, it is usual to gain body weight as you intake more to conquer the carvings. Nicotine withdrawal may make you to eat more. As there’s nicotine in e-cigs, you can steer clear of weight gain by switching to them.

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How To Vape Benevolently At Workplace

We get so many questions regarding vape etiquette, whether it is on a restaurant patio or at the park, but nothing has our consumers more baffled than how to vape benevolently at workplace. Here is our say:
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Know your office policies:

Having a clear idea about the policies set by your workplace will help you to not cross the restrictions for vaping. However, not all offices have rules for vaping. In this scenario, try to follow the leads of your colleagues, or ask your office manager regarding specific policies for vaping & e-cigarettes.

Know your surrounding:

Practice mindfulness when taking a vaping break. Try to relax and reconnect with your conscious mind & your surrounding even if the vaping point is somewhere close to the dumpers or parking lot. Doing so will help you maintain proper vape etiquette and will make the 5-minute break more invigorating. The goal here for you should be to come back to your job with a renewed focus.

Read the local laws:

Read the local laws before vaping during your travel. Regardless of where you’re, lack of knowledge about the law shouldn’t be an excuse. Find out if the country has prohibitions on vapes, e-juices, and e-cig supplies.

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Never Vape In These Situations:

  • In crowded spaces, particularly when kids are near.
  • On public transportation systems.
  • In your work carpool.
  • Before board meetings.
  • In employee lounge areas.

Bottom line:

The worst thing one can do is be insensitive when vaping. You will only end of insulting colleagues & irritate those around you who depend on your geniality as part of a fair and balanced office. You don’t wish to be the person who gets vaping banned for everybody, right? Common sense and common courtesy are all you require to stay productive & friendly without forfeiting your affection for vaping. In fact, by doing so you may even able to change the perception of vaping in your workplace.
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Top 5 Vaping Myths You Don’t Know

The popularity of vaping is rising significantly, but this certainly has led to innumerable misconceptions that frighten a lot of people to make a switch to e-cigarettes. There is a lot of incorrect info out there about vaping, and in this post we will have a look at top 5 of them.

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Vaping is simply as injurious as normal cigarettes:

Nothing is 100 percent safe, but studies have shown that e-cigs are considerably safer in comparison to conventional cigarettes. The nicotine found in e-juice is habit-forming but e-cigs don’t produce carbon monoxide or tar which are the two most injurious compounds produced from cigarettes. According to many studies, e-cigs are 95 percent safer than smoked tobacco & they can help smokers to quit.

E-cigs can blast:

The innumerable headlines about blasting e-cigarettes are almost commonly associated to wrong use or storage of a battery. Keeping loose batteries in pocket should be avoided at any cost.

Just make sure to take care like you’d with any other electrical stuff and if you are following the safety guidelines published by the maker and make use of the machine in proper way this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Vaping is more habit-forming than smoking:

Many vapers assume that they’ll end up more addicted to nicotine than they’d smoking. However, according to many studies the nicotine delivery of an e-cigarette is in fact less than a conventional cigarette, even when inhaling the highest 18mh nicotine potency accessible in e-juices.

Vaping is only meant for cloud chasers:

So many people believe that vaping is all about making huge clouds of vapor, but the fact is that people primarily use e-cigs as a substitute to smoking & for no other reason than this.

Vaping is costly in comparison to smoking:

Primary set up expenditures of an e-cig are no doubt more than a packet of cigarettes, but as soon as you’re set up with a machine you just require to buy coils and e-juice to keep vaping. The equal sum of e-juice costs a fraction to a packet of cigarettes and you’ll be certain to see those additional saving over time while enjoying the health benefits that come along with vaping.

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Guide To Buying Your Starter Vaping Kit

Buying the best starter kit is by no means an easy task. There’re several features you’ve to take into consideration when looking to buy your first vape kit. Listed below are some of them:

The size of the e-cig:

This is certainly the first thing that one wants to check out when looking for their starter vaping kit. If you have been smoking for long & is familiar with the light weight of tiny cigarettes, getting the best vaping option can be pretty annoying. Fortunately, there are many small & thin e-cig options available to check out.

Confirm whether you’re a mouth-to-lung or direct lung vapor:

This is yet another critical thing which will decide what kind of vaper you’re. So many smokers these days vape through mouth-to-lung. If by any chance, you vape without blocking the cloud that you’ve piled up inside your mouth, directly to your lungs, then you must be a direct lung vaper.

It’s really essential to determine this first when choosing your first vaping kit. This is because many devices don’t work right for all types of vapers. For mouth-to-lung inhaling, the coils that are employed are usually above 1.0 ohm resistance. This is why sub-ohm coils are usually favored by direct lung vapers.

The capacity:

As vaping mainly relies on the capacity of the battery, it’s very critical to buy a vaping kit that boasts a battery with a bigger capacity so it stays charged for a considerable part of the day. For most vape kits the battery capacity is calculated in mAh. Usually, a 650 mah battery can last for nearly 7 hours relying on how frequently it’s used. Some vape kits possess interchangeable batteries, and in this case you’ll benefit from having an additional battery which can be used alternatively.


Safety is really critical. There’re 2 main ways to check: the tank and the battery. As far as the tank is concerned, it’s very critical to confirm whether it’s glass or plastic. Usually, glass is the best material – but when it’s about pod systems, you will probably see plastic pods.

The battery should also have protection feature. A good battery should shut off as soon as it spots any short circuit or security breakdown.

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Top Four Mint Flavored E Juices to Try

Ejuice is one of the most trending things in the world today! Its craze and popularity is increasing day after day. And this craze for ejuice has made manufacturers to create several new and unique flavors that would be loved by vapers of every age! Among the various flavors in a vape shop, the most refreshing one especially for summer is the mint or menthol flavor!

If you are also looking for the best mint flavored ejuice for beat the heat this summer, then try out one of the following options –

  • Cool Mint by SKOL Juul Compatible Pods

The Cool Mint by SKOL comprises of four pre-filled Cool Mint Juul compatible pods. If you believe that simplicity is the best, then this ejuice is for you. Cool Mint is an unassuming, no-frills kind of flavor that justifies its name the best. It provides you a cool, breezy vape that is smooth on the exhale and hence, leaves back a fresh spearmint taste in your mouth. So this summer try Cool Mint by SKOL Juul compatible pods to chill out in the scorching heat!

  • Blast (New Menthol) by Aqua Tobacco –

If you are searching for true menthol flavored ejuice then go for Blast, New Menthol by AQUA Tobacco. This eliquid features a dual layered flavoring that offers you a fast and effective satisfaction. It is crafted using a combination of sun-cured tobacco and cool minty menthol nuances. Get indulged in the delightful smoky and nutty flavored rich tobacco on the inhale. Get assured that your tobacco cravings will get satisfied right away. As the vape floats across the palate the smooth and nutty taste will get intensified and ultimately get mentholated on the exhale. Your taste buds will get coated with the icy mint and incite your mouth to water simultaneously.

  • Blue Raspberry Ice Sour Straws by Bazooka Sour Straws –

If you want a blend of fruity and minty vape flavor, then the Blue Raspberry Ice Sour Straws by Bazooka Sour Straws is the best option for you. This ejuice is made by pairing blue raspberry into a candy with a touch of a hit of ice. And hence, it offers you both a fruity candy flavor along with icy cooling experience. So try out this icy candy vape juice and make your summer exciting.

  • Kiwi Melon Iced by Cloud Nurdz –

A popular essential blend of melon and kiwis with a sweet candy finish, Kiwi Melon Iced by Cloud Nurdz offers you a cool menthol exhale. On the inhale you get a twisted flavor of melons and fresh kiwis that transforms into a delicious tropical mix. And on the exhale it offers you with a hint of delicious candy finish followed by a refreshing menthol ice feel.


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How Do You Choose the Right Vape Juice for Yourself?

With the availability of so many flavors, most vapers still face difficulty in choosing the right vape juice. Your choice depends on PG – Propylene Glycol, VG – Vegetable Glycerin or mixture of both. Each and every type gives a great difference in taste, feel and the amount of vapor produced.

The selection of vape juice will depend on what you are exactly looking for in your vaping experience. Please check out this guide and make a right selection for your taste buds:

Cigarate Vape

First of all, you should know better about PG – Propylene Glycol:

Propylene Glycol (PG) –

Most e-juices available today come with a combination of PG and VG. But there are a few reasons why you may prefer a –liquid with a high PG.

Flavor – PG is flavorless; but carries flavor very well. This makes a right choice for those who like to have completely flavored vape.

Feel – Propylene Glycol gives a light and smooth feel to vapers.

Convenience – Earlier, Propylene Glycol had the base of most fluids when the vape industry started. Because of this reason, most vaping devices were specifically designed for this type of fluid.

Ejuices with high levels of PG are thinner and won’t make small coils in older devices to clog. This is the reason why this is still popular option currently.

The amount of vapor –

While smoking PG, the amount of vapor exhaled is relatively low that makes it easier for a discreet vaping experience.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) –

Though PG has its own share of advantages, here are some of the best reasons why vapers go for eliquid with high VG content:

Flavor – VG brings in a slightly sweet flavor that can be intensified with a mix of other sweet flavors. Therefore, it can be the right option for those who want to vape on the sweet side.

Feel – VG seems a bit harsh on the throat than PG that makes it a better choice for sub-ohm vaping experience.

Convenience – As the name suggests, VG is derived from vegetable oil and is thicker than PG. This means, its thickness clog coils and don’t work well in older machines with smaller coils. After all, it’s purely based on vegetable oil; and a popular choice for vegetarians.

Amount of vapor – VG gives a lot more vapor than PG which can be a disadvantage for those who are after discreet vaping experience. If you find some sort of satisfaction in exhaling bright, thick clouds of smoke VG may be the right option for you.

However, you can play around with different concentrations of VG and PG to find the right mixture for you.

Choosing the right vape juice for you –

When it comes to choosing the right vape juice, you should think of the feel and flavor you prefer, the types of devices you use and whether discretion is important to come up with the vape juice that works best for you.

Again, if you love the kiwi passion fruit flavor, you should choose no other that Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine by Noms X2. With every puff, your mouth will be flooded with amazing fruit flavor. It has the VG/PG ratio of 70/30. And you will love its primary flavors – kiwi, passion fruit and nectarine. For more information about Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine by Noms X2, please visit Ejuice Store at

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Techniques for Increasing the Life Span of Your Favorite E Juice

Whether you are a regular vaper or new to the world of vaping, the first thing that you need to know is how to store your vape juice for a longer time. Isn’t it? Then there is great news for you all! Several methods are there that can help you store your e liquid for a longer time, although you will need to make some compromises but that’s completely worth it!

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Let us check out those techniques that can help you in storing your favorite e liquid for a longer period.

  • Raising Ohms

Sub-Ohm vaping lets you enjoy a raised vapor and flavor output but uses up a lot of e-juice in the procedure. The reasons are obvious! The more vapors you create the more e liquid needs to be used up. So if you want to store your e liquid for a longer time then you must mix up some other juices or switch up the juices or style of vaping. For instance, if you love using Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue as your e liquid then you can mix it up with other juices to elevate the Ohms. Raising the Ohms will create thinner, cooler clouds at the end of the day which is not liked by everyone! So one thing that you can do is get a daytime as well as a night time device and use a coil of higher ohms, at least above 1 ohm during the day. Keep the sub-ohm vape juice by Bizzare Blue limited to nighttime use, so that you can enjoy a satisfying vape before going to bed.

  • Lowering Wattage

By lowering the wattage you can conserve your supply just like you do by raising the ohms as less heat is produced by the coil which will lead to a drop off. If you love sub-ohm vaping and do not want to compromise with that then you must lower the wattage that will help you in conserving the battery life while reducing the consumption of your e liquid. You can also play around with your settings a bit for finding the ideal balance that works best for you!

Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue

  • Using Stronger E-Liquid

If you do not want to compromise on the vaping experience and amazing clouds formed then you should go for a stronger e juice with higher nicotine level such as Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue so that you end up with less vaping. The downside of using strong nicotine content is that it can be harsh on your throat especially when you like sub-ohm vaping. Therefore, using less juice is highly recommended here which means ultimately less consumption and storage for longer period.

Bottom Line –

Basically, two techniques are there that help you in reducing your juice consumption and storing it for a longer time and that are vaping less often and giving up on big clouds. However, if you do not want to compromise on any of these then mix up your own juice with your favorite e juice!


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