Sunday, July 21, 2024

EBay promotes electronic cigarette products with Vawoo, UK

E-commerce platforms are embracing e-cigarettes one after another


According to Cifnews, Vawoo, the UK e-cigarette platform, is working with eBay in two-way synchronization, which will help promote eBay businesses working with Vawoo to seamlessly manage their accounts, requiring less work and cost.

It is reported that Vawoo electronic cigarette platform is a powerful sales channel. It majors in B2B and B2C, which was launched in 2018 and achieved great success in a short time. Now all companies selling e-cigarette products on eBay can use full-channel integration tools to create personal online stores on Vawoo and simplify their business by automatically synchronizing product data without manual updates.

Hundreds of e-cigarette stores on eBay platform can easily migrate data to Vawoo, thus creating more online sales resources.


This extension will help vape vendors on eBay platform to associate existing eBay accounts with their new accounts created in Vawoo, and to view all data centrally, including, but not limited to, product catalogues, inventories and pricing, which will help to maintain accurate inventory quantities and release products for all associated sales channels.

The extension has the following features:

1. It only takes 10 minutes to register an account in Vawoo and set up a store through eBay.

2. Real-time synchronization of inventory, order, pricing and product details;

3. There is no need to update manually. The update is fully automated. Any changes in eBay account will be displayed on Vawoo account immediately.

4. If the seller needs it, he can also create a separate list of other products on Vawoo, and set different prices, inventory rules and transportation options.

5. All orders on Vawoo can also be managed through eBay account.

6. Merchandise payment is automatically transferred to PayPal commercial account through the instant payment system.

7. Each new vendor has a full-time manager who will help the vendor complete the integration, and help the vendor open a shop on Vawoo platform and start operation in a short time.

8. Integration requires only some credentials, such as API keys, passwords, domain names and full store names on eBay platform.

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