Cube Boom from ALD large e-liquid capacity disposable vape review

ALD has launched the Cube Boom rechargeable disposable device on its website, rated at 4,000 puffs. The device comes with a 12 ml e-liquid and a Type-C port for recharging.


According to user experience, there are 4 features for this new disposable vape:
Taste. High degree of flavor reduction, th flavors are natural and high-end, and there are currently 20+ tastes for choosing.
Long lifespan. 12ml, it lasts for about 2 weeks.
Various capacity options. 8/10/12ml (4000 puffs, 12ml capacity, 3500 puffs, 10ml, 3000 puffs, 8ml)
Bottom with LED lights, support diversified light pattern customization.
Good taste. Last but not least, the flavors of the Cube Boom are top-notched and outstanding among so many disposables on market.
Cube Boom from ALD large e-liquid capacity disposable vape review

Experience with the best 5 flavors

Sour Apple: It comes with a green color shell, just like a green apple. Not like the artificially sweet flavors,  it’s more of a genuine apple flavor, nice draw. Folks are so tired of the jolly rancher green apple, sometimes other apple flavors have the artificial perfumey flavor. While this one doesn’t come with the problem, and it’s really natural and good. We can find a lot of merits from this mesh coil device from ALD. But the flavor punches throat a little hard. While first things first, this sour apple is a great beginning.
Lush Ice: If I can assume by its red color, this gonna be a watermelon flavor, and watermelon is nice. After the first puff, I was correct. It seems those guys are going for more authentic flavors. This is like a ripe, juicy, sweet watermelon. A little bit on the back end. If you’re looking for hardcore ice, this would be. It’s more of a pineapple, and I like the feeling that it gives hardcore freezer throat, so this is great. Real tight draw though, just in the right place. I like this.
Blueberry Raspberry: Almost every vape company got to make this flavor. After sampling it, this is far better than the last flavor. This advises me of blueberry popsicles. That’s yummy and it’s really sweet. It takes me back to summer when I was a child obtaining a popsicle in an ice cream vehicle, it was blue. You weren’t sure regarding the flavor, however, it was blue. This one is incredibly excellent.
Energy Drink: My first thought on it is the red bull flavor drink. After taking a draw, that’s true, red bull makes me fly. And it’s very precise and appropriate, and I can take draws on it almost like drinking red bull. I’m not a fan of red bull, they don’t make me awake, they have other effects. But this one is great. Red bull right on here. That’s one of the best red bull flavors I’ve vaped. It’s amazing that it comes out of disposable rather than mods.
Cuban Cigar: Finally, we take out the Cuban Cigar. I haven’t lit up any Cuban cigar before or smoked it, but I’m 100% sure that this Cuban cigar flavor makes you just like smoking a real cigarette. Experienced smokers will fall in love with this one at the first puff. The scent of tobacco shows very clear in this Cuban cigar flavor.  Very strong and tough flavor for a real man. Maybe it’s not so friendly to newbies.

Cube Boom from ALD large e-liquid capacity disposable vape review

Final words

ALD Cube Boom disposables are the best long-distance running athletes among so many disposables in 2022 without a doubt. 12ml vape juice capacity is very good and more than enough for daily vaping use. The flavors are excellent.

Visit ALD Official Site to learn more about Cube Boom here:

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