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ALD Group Limited to Cooperate with 5 Brands in the Vape Event


The early autumn season is fruitful. So does the vape industry’s first half year. The Reedhuabo Vape Expo will be held in the form of year-end purchasing and ordering meeting on 29th to 31st, August in Shenzhen, China. Since been attracted, many brands will attend this exhibition.

As the leading role in vape industry, ALD (ALD Group Ltd.) will hold five brands’ hands to attend the expo for making joint efforts for the healthy development and open a new chapter of the industry.


Brand Alliance

Not long ago, ALD put forward the concept of “building atomization technology platform”, which immediately attracted the keen attention of the industry. Many brands are eager to strive for cooperation opportunities, which can be said that a stone provoked thousands of waves.

This month, ALD will invite five friendly and cooperative brands to the Reedhuabo Vape Expo to show the charm of combining e-cigarette with science and technology in multiple aspects and brands.

So this time in ALD’s booth, you will experience:

“Tik tok web celebrity”, ANcc ANcc& “ammo” series subordinated to the old brand “Blunderbuss”


& “convenience store star”, Blue Mind, which is colorful and favored by young people.

blue mind

& After obtaining ten million yuan in Round A financing, HOPO’s first generation product.

hopo iron

& One-in-a-million Wippo vape

wippo vape


All these star products are equipped with SILMO™ and MICROFEEL™ atomization technology of ALD. This is also the second top atomization technology platform jointly created by ALD and other powerful brands.



Scientific research comes before the times. Since its establishment, the r&d team of ALD has made great contributions to the development of the industry, striving to lead the new era of atomization technology.

Relying on its strong comprehensive strength among brand owners, ALD advocates to exert the power of brand “combination”, so as to open up its brand image and achieve win-win cooperation within the alliance.

In this exhibition, we will share ALD’s technical features through multiple brands in different dimensions by discussing the innovative design, atomization technology and development direction of e-cigarettes.

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