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Createtive Cool pod system from OR inspired by sports car with footstep counter function


Electronic cigarettes are not for fun to play with. We hope that the electronic cigarettes developed are the electronic cigarettes that consumers really need. They are the substitute for cigarettes for mass consumers. While every smoker friends smoke healthily, they can enjoy the smoking feeling and fun brought by electronic cigarettes. This is the word in the mind of Xinyan Technologies CEO He. She has practiced it over the years, which is very valuable.

Cool pod system is the latest clossed-type pod system electronic cigarette which is independently developed by OR brand of Dongguan Xinyan Technology Co., Ltd. At present, the market competitiveness of Cool pod system is strong, not only seizing the major sales channels of physical stores and gift stores in China, but also full of foreign trade orders, which is a bit unexpected.

Cool pod system

In fact, Cool pod vape is able to emerge in many of its peers’products, not relying on so-called luck. Just as you can only see the harvest of others, you can not see how much hardship is behind it. According to General He, CEO of Xinyan Technologies, from appearance, structural design to sample testing, to mass production, many staff members of the company have paid a lot of effort in a series of key projects of Cool vape. For users, there is nothing more important than taste and creativity. In line with the principle of “responsible to users, comfortable to users, surprise users”, Cool vape not only has to elaborate on flavors to make users really experience comfort and pleasure, but also has creativity and highlights, bringing unique surprises to users.

Cool pod system
Cool pod system

Cool vape has exquisite design and full of creativity. From the exterior, Cool vape is different from similar competitors on the market. Its design is a bit brainy, especially amazing. It resembles a reduced version of a luxury sports car. The lines are very smooth and soft. With perfect technology, Cool vape brings a unique aesthetic feeling and instantly arouses a very strong desire for possession.

Cool vape pod is able to be replaced, using the latest honeycomb ceramic heating wire technology. And the e-liquid leakage prevention technology has achieve the ultimate level, to ensure that users have the best flavor experience. The suction nozzle is made of PCTG baby milk grade material to ensure safety, environmental protection and reliability.

Cool pod system

Cool pod system shell is made of zinc alloy by die casting. It is light, fall-resistant and not easy to scratch. In terms of function, the shell has its own display screen, which can not only show the time length of vaping, but also record the number of puffs. That’s not a big deal. Cool vape can also count and clear every 10,000 steps to meet users’fitness needs unexpectedly.

Cool pod system, carefully designed the appearance color of four classic trends, such as black, lake blue, orange, seven colors, to meet the preferences of different consumers.

Cool pod system

Imagine holding Cool’s tobacco in hand, you can not only enjoy the happiness of a real tobacco substitute product, but also can satisfy the dream of luxury cars that you’re still striving to pursue psychologically. What a wonderful thing!


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