Monday, May 20, 2024

China Tobacco Monopoly Bureau talked about the regualtion of electronic cigarettes


The person in charge of the China Tobacco Monopoly Bureau talked about the regulation of electronic cigarettes: investigating and punishing the illegal production and sales of electronic cigarettes according to law.

The China Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of market regulation promulgated the Announcement on further protecting the juveniles against vaping on the 1st of November. In an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency, the head of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau said that in the future, we should further strengthen the awareness of all sectors of society to protect minors from electronic cigarettes. The State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau will strengthen cooperation with relevant departments, work together to do a good job in the supervision of electronic cigarettes, continue to punish illegal sales of vapes and protest the right of adolescents and consumers.

“With the release of the announcement, the state tobacco monopoly administration, the State Administration of market regulation and administration and other departments will take more stringent measures to clean up and renovate Internet e-commerce platforms, e-cigarette enterprise marketing websites and e-cigarette online shops in accordance with the law, severely crack down on illegal production and sale of e-cigarettes in accordance with the law, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors, and effectively safeguard the health of consumers ” The person in charge said.

The announcement URGES to eliminate online advertisements and sales of electronic cigarettes. Interestingly, the announcement used the term “Urge“.

At present, the VAPE HK reporter still see vape products sold online normally and online advertisements on online sites and Wechat blogs are everywhere. Actually, no one is hurt so far.

This year before May, the author saw a Wechat blog on cigarettes named Cigarette Tone(烟腔) with over 100 thousand subscribers and an average of 50 thousand views per article was closed down. Sadly, we used to read it every day and it’s a great pain losing it. Who will be next?

Maybe it’s just an announcement that has no real power on anything, or a prelude to a terrible storm soon?

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