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March 2024 Dip: China’s E-Cigarette Exports Fall by 16% Year-Over-Year


In March 2024, the Chinese Customs Authority released the latest export data for e-cigarettes, revealing a mix of trends in the international market for these products. Despite a 16% year-over-year decline in exports, which totaled approximately $825 million, there was a promising 29% month-over-month increase, signaling potential recovery and adjustment in global demand.

Key Markets and Performance

The United States remains the largest market for China’s e-cigarette exports, purchasing about $299 million worth of products in March 2024. Following closely are the United Kingdom and Germany, with exports valued at $87 million and significant amounts respectively, showcasing a diversified market presence. Malaysia also featured prominently, ranking seventh with exports amounting to $27 million, and continues to be a strong player among China’s top ten e-cigarette export destinations.


Emerging Opportunities in Southeast Asia

As the global landscape for e-cigarette regulation evolves, Southeast Asia is becoming an increasingly attractive market. Countries like the Philippines and Vietnam are taking significant steps towards regulatory compliance:

  • The Philippines is set to release supplementary certification guidelines for e-cigarettes in May this year to regulate the market more effectively.
  • Vietnam is working towards treating e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products similar to traditional tobacco products under regulatory standards.

These developments are crucial as they signal a shift towards more structured markets in regions that could potentially experience rapid growth, especially as stringent regulations and bans on disposable e-cigarettes take effect in the US and Europe.


Why Choose Certified and Regulated E-Cigarettes?

Choosing certified e-cigarettes ensures that you are using products that meet safety and quality standards set by regulatory bodies. These certifications help protect consumers from the potential risks associated with unregulated products.

Benefits of Opting for Certified E-Cigarettes:

  • Safety Assurance: Products meet established health and safety standards.
  • Quality Products: Higher standards in manufacturing lead to better product experiences.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Supports adherence to local and international regulations.


The e-cigarette industry is facing a dynamic and challenging environment characterized by shifting regulations and varying market demands. For businesses and consumers alike, staying informed about these changes and choosing compliant, high-quality products is more crucial than ever.


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March 2024 Dip: China's E-Cigarette Exports Fall by 16% Year-Over-YearMarch 2024 Dip: China's E-Cigarette Exports Fall by 16% Year-Over-YearMarch 2024 Dip: China's E-Cigarette Exports Fall by 16% Year-Over-Year

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