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CELIBAN electronic cigarette in-depth review – Completely solve the pain of traditional smoking


CELIBAN max comes with colors with more atmosphere, including sapphire, dream black, coffee, grape violet, platinum gold, crystal green. It’s restrained and elegant.

CELIBAN reivew

CELIBAN max is a modern design style, which is quite different in sense. Nowadays, the homogeneity of pods is more serious. It really needs several new and unique pods to save users from aesthetic fatigue.

Celiban vape

Because electronic cigarette is a portable device, it naturally puts forward high requirements for the sense. CELIBAN has good hand feel, the treatment on both sides of the square, giving the product a unique sense of grip. As soon as you put it on the desktop, the sense of technology and beauty come to you.

CELIBAN reivew

At the same time, because its surface uses the grinding technology, so the grip will have additional points, even if the sweathands players use it, they can also feel the friendly side of CELIBAN.

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The charging interface at the bottom of the smoke pole also caters to the trend and is a mini-USB interface. After all, the current flagship mobile phones all use this interface, and Micro USB interface has been basically on the verge of elimination.

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Looking at the work of CELIBAN’s Max, we can feel that the manufacturers are in place in all aspects of control, which can be described by strict seaming (including carts), and feel that the whole device is “the taste of mobile phones”.

For carts, in fact, in addition to the above mentioned impeccable workmanship, but also quite a sense of design, especially reflected in the human side. There is no distinction between positive and negative, and it is easy to use. The “click” sound of installing the cart gives enough sense of ceremony and ensures the correct installation of the carts.

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However, there is a suggestion to improve the transparency of the cart, because it is difficult to use the naked eye to control the margin of the e-liquid in the tank without strong light.

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Like most vapes, CELIBAN meets Max with honeycomb ceramic core, which has a very good taste. The funnel structure is specially designed in the cart. The heating efficiency and avoidance of e-liquid leakage are the leading solutions in the industry. With the two micro-intake holes at the bottom of the cart, it simulates the damping suction feeling and filters the large particles to avoid inhaling into the human body, which is also the reason why no oil leakage and dry burn has appeared in the past week.

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Generally speaking, Guangdong Elfa brings the expected product CELIBAN meet Max to the smokers, which really brings us some surprises, especially its soft taste performance, its feeling has broken through the existing form of taste expression of pods. 0.5-1.5 ml of e-liquid capacity and 280 mAh battery also make it durable. It is a good tool for replacing cigarettes.

CELIBAN reivew

Smartisan Technology CEO Luo Yonghao’s switch to electronic cigarette industry is undoubtedly good news. According to rumors, Xiaomi technology also intends to enter electronic cigarettes (seemingly refuted rumors). Whether true or false, electronic cigarettes have attracted more and more attention from public figures and powerful enterprises, which is enough to show that the prospects of the electronic cigarette market are promising.

CELIBAN reivew

In fact, in order to develop electronic cigarettes well and rapidly in China, more influential people are needed to come to the platform for it, even to join it passionately. Of course, we should not lack the support of policy and the positive propaganda of public opinion. Only in this way can we ensure that electronic cigarettes born in China can thrive and grow stronger.

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