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Apple and Huawei OEM giant makes Celiban vape brand


With the basic solidification of the competition pattern of traditional cigarettes, new tobacco has become an indispensable place for many new manufacturers. Together with the young people’s preference for new tobacco, smokers are in urgent need of alternatives to tobacco, which makes electronic cigarettes a new field full of vitality.

In September this year, a new army in the new tobacco industry emerged, releasing 24 models of 4 products at one go. It is said that the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. This new force named CELIBAN has brought a huge impact to the electronic cigarette industry, and the Elfa company behind it is the OEM manufacturer of Apple and Huawei.


Celiban’s parent company is called Guangdong Elfa Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. It is a large modern manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is one of the supply chains of world famous brand components such as Apple and Huawei. Its strength can not be underestimated. Today, on the basis of the mobile phone industry, it is like a sword inserted into the electronic cigarette industry, covering a wide range of interests and more income.


Elfa has a new type of science and technology industrial park covering an area of 250,000 feet, which has a strong strength. With the accumulation of capital and technological progress over the years, it has developed into a company with fully automated robot, the world’s leading Frank CNC machine tools, and a number of injection molding automation, silica gel automation, spray painting automation, radium carving automation, sand blasting automation, anode automation, CNC automation, T processing, PVD processing, polishing and other equipment.


In terms of strict attitude towards products, Elfa has 100,000-grade (food-grade) clean production workshop, closed-loop manufacturing from die opening to finished product packaging, 10,000-grade dust-free workshop, each link is strictly tested. Sharklet bacteriostasis technology originated from the U.S. Navy has passed many authoritative safety certifications, such as CE, ROHS, FCC and UN38.3 of the European Union. It is the only one in the world that has no competitors. This also enables Elfa to take the lead among a number of domestic manufacturers. In the field of electronic cigarettes, the company has gathered a group of professional scientific research personnel and set up the “Shenzhen Research and Development Center” to ensure that each product contains the rigor and sincerity of Elfa. Celiban was born under such a background.

Celiban vape

Celiban has entered the electronic cigarette market with the slogan “Let 40 million young smokers meet themselves”. It is the first youth cure vaporizer. It covers 24 models of four products, six colors and six flavors each, and strives to satisfy more young people. The design also embodies the concept of simplicity, fashion, youth and colorfulness. At the same time, Elfa, as the technology accumulation of Apple’s supply chain for many years, has used the anodized apple-grade technology on the Celiban electronic cigarette body to make it look more scientific and technological.

Celiban vape

As a new army, Elfa relies on its superior strength and rigorous attitude towards products. It has brought new vitality to the still unquiet electronic cigarette industry and left a deep impression on people as soon as it appeared. This gives us reason to believe that the electronic cigarette industry in the future will certainly have a place for Celiban.

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