Sunday, April 21, 2024

Boulder works with Xiyangyang Convenience Store to sell vapes


On March 15, Boulder reached a strategic cooperation with Guangdong Xiyangyang Convenience Store Co., Ltd., a leading convenience chain company. Many of Boulder’s products will enter the Xiyangyang Convenience Store system and be sold in nearly 10,000 stores.

In the future, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the areas of merchandise sales, user analysis, and supply chain to realize the deep connection of their respective systems.

Boulder and Xiyangyang will provide local customers with the most suitable products and the highest quality services according to the consumption habits of different regions to ensure that the product mix can always meet consumer needs.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Boulder took various measures to serve users, including online store navigation, home delivery, telephone services, membership services, etc., and strived to provide users with the most intimate service; on February 10, Boulder resumed work and resumed production All offline terminal retail stores are also gradually recovering.

Boulder externally stated that the chain convenience retail system has always been the top priority of Boulder’s offline retail channels. In July 2019, Boulder Bling went public and achieved nearly 40 million yuan in terminal retail performance in one month. At present, Boulder products cover more than 100,000 terminal retail stores.

It is reported that under the influence of consumption upgrades, the convenience store sales channel is ushering in rapid development. The “2019 China Convenience Store Prosperity Index Report” shows that convenience stores across the country are showing a trend of prosperity year after year. Leading Chinese convenience store companies and regional leading convenience store companies have maintained a relatively stable development rate. Under this background, Boulder’s cooperation with Guangdong Xiyangyang is more strategic.

The in-depth cooperation between Boulder and Guangdong Xiyangyang Convenience Store is a recognition of the quality and strength of each other. This move will further consolidate Boulder‘s dominant position in the chain convenience store system.

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