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What’s Boulder L-Nicotine?

A faster & longer effect e-liquid.


The full name of Boulder’s new e-liquid in 2020 is “Partial Levodopa, L-Nicotine”, which is a mixture of natural nicotine and synthetic nicotine.

According to the curve graph above and the Boulder vape show staff explanation, this L-Nicotine stops the craving for cigarettes faster than traditional e-liquid, and it remains effective for a longer time than traditional e-liquid.

Partial Levodopa, L-Nicotine (Boulder)

The e-liquid has a high lasting and high satisfaction, so that the intake of nicotine is relatively reduced. From the perspective of cost performance, the interval between purchases has become slightly longer. This new technology is similar to the lastest Nicotine X from Myst Labs.

The person in charge of R&D informed the editor that left-handed and right-handed are two different states of the same molecular formula in nature. Even though the left-handed body and the right-handed body have the same molecular formula, the biological characteristics of the two are very different because of the different molecular structures.

For example, a person’s left hand can perfectly match the mirror image in the mirror, but it cannot be exactly the same as the right hand. To give an example in real life, ordinary sugar is right-handed and can be absorbed by the body, making it easy to make people fat. However, the artificially synthesized L-sugar maintains the sweetness of ordinary sugar, but it will not be absorbed by the body, thus solving the problem of obesity.

Partial Levodopa, L-Nicotine (Boulder)

In fact, this time Boulder’s “Partial Levodopa, L-Nicotine” also made an article on this molecular structure, changing the right-handed state of ordinary nicotine salts, making it left-handed, and greatly improving the pleasure of the human body after vaping.

This kind of innovative molecular structure approach has been relatively rare in recent years, and most manufacturers’ research has basically focused on changing the raw materials of nicotine salt. For example, the well-known American brand JUUL innovatively used benzoic acid as a raw material to solve the problem of ” addictiion relieving” to electronic cigarettes in the past. China companies followed suit and began to use glucic acid and citric acid. But this kind of research has actually been stagnant for a long time. Various raw materials in nature and industry have been used by people, and the technology has not yet made breakthrough progress.

Over the past five or six years, nicotine salt has basically gone round and round about what acid and how much acid is used. While Boulder chose not to continue to struggle with the issue of raw materials this time, but to innovate the molecular structure of nicotine salt, which can be said to have opened up a completely different path for the industry.

Partial Levodopa, L-Nicotine (Boulder)

Speaking of Boulder, this company has been acting frequently this year. In the first half of the year, the sea salt nicotine released by the innovative nicotine salt formula reflects the strength of research and development; not long ago, it was announced to apply for the multi-million-dollar PMTA certification, which reflects the financial strength; and this time the launch of “Partial Levodopa, L-Nicotine”, it completely opened up a brand new path for the industry, reflecting the company’s strong innovation capabilities.

Learn more on Boulder official site (Language: Chinese)

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