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ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review – DirtyCheck No. 20



Hello, everyone who have read the Captain Dirty’s DirtyCheck review, let’s talk about the influencer vape brand that were popular in Shanghai e-cigarette exhibition some time ago. The RAINBOWBABY produced by ASVAPE are disposable and can be thrown away once used. Speaking of this, I have been brainwashed by the song “RAINBOWBABY,RAINBO,RAINBO,RAINBOBABY.” Back to the topic, Asvape products basically comes with the feeling of fashion, which also conforms to some of its current strategies.

Whether this RAINBOBABY can’t stand the test, let’s take a look.

DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review


The product is bundled in a kit style. I don’t know if there is a single one for sale. Because many friends, such as the Captain Dirty, don’t like taro, so it’s a question whether the consumption concept will get beat back in front of such a kit.

The whole package is fresh and clean. I don’t need to say much about the notes behind it. Open the package, there are six disposable vapes with independent packaging inside. Each one is placed in a rectangular plastic strip, which looks really comfortable and clean. The silicone plugs on both sides can be easily removed.


Take out the product, each product has an independent letter, which is a relatively fresh and sweet macarone color. It’s very pleasing. When friends get together, you can put out the letters you want to open, which is a very comfortable punch mode. So the key point is that people who have seen the Captain Dirty know that the disposable vape is to be criticized by me. That is the dust treatment of the mouthpiece. ASVAPE has done it. A white carving has an ASVAPE silicone cover, which greatly avoids the invasion of dust in the wallet or other environments.

DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review

A good product must stand scrutiny. Then go directly to the operating table and disassemble the product. It’s a common structure after taking out the interior of the product. You can surely think of it. Let’s talk about the details. The details are that the e-liquid storage cotton has a protective device to avoid the evaporation and leakage of the vape juice. The treatment is very good. The guide uses a fiberglass guide that meets international standards, which is very scientific. There will be a flashing light at the end of the vaping, and the e-liquid storage cotton will be basically dry after disassembling.

DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review

DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review

DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review


There are 6 flavors in this kit, which are the same as the first taste of VULCAN of ASVAPE, neither added nor deleted. Each individual package has Chinese notes. The nicotine salt ratio of tobacco flavor was 5% and that of others was 3.5%. Captain Dirty tried it for two days and it still works. You know, Captain Dirty smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and you can take gauge your demands on it.

DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review

Ice Popsicle ★★★★★

Old ice popsicle taste, sweet feeling with a little cool, suitable for any season of a taste, a little aftertaste.

White Peach story ★★★★★

White Peach Oolong tea, white peach’s micro acid is very good, the dry and astringent taste of tea can be basically reflected, such a combination is to make a reasonable experience, highly recommended.

Wizard of Oz ★★★★

The configuration of mung bean sand ice and mung bean sand ice is the daily life of pod vapes. I also accepted the taste, the feeling of relieving summer heat, the feeling of summer coming from the pavement, friends who like it can try.

Taste Adventure ★★★★

Taro flavor, I’m sorry, I still can’t accept taro flavor, so let the friends of Captain Dirty talk about it.

Friend A: it’s a bit greasy. It feels like milk. It’s good to vape in winter.

Friend B: it’s too rich. It’s a bit difficult. It’s OK to vape occasionally.

Rock iceberg ★★★★★

Cool peppermint taste, there is a saying that if you want to have a good taste of the product, you can absolutely lose the peppermint. This peppermint is quite cool, but every time you feel cool, the aftertaste will be a little sweet, the feedback is very good, recommended.

Tobacco ★★★★

The taste of tobacco is not as fierce as that of flue-cured tobacco. It’s very good to mix the feeling of tobacco and hit the throat. Afterwards Tobacco, the name of tobacco is also very meaningful. Friends who like to the throat hit can try it.

DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review

Sum up

Taste is nothing new for friends who have used the VULCAN products under ASVAPE, but Rainbow Baby will launch 26 letters later. I don’t know if it’s 26 flavors or it would be surprising. From the rendered pictures on the official website, we can see some interesting collocations, such as “xswl” and other popular letter arrangement on the network.

No matter in taste or details, it is superior to the disposable vapes of the same trade in general, especially the dust cover, playability shaping, etc.

So there will be 26 flavors, we’re looking forward to it, friends!



PS: ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY is not launched and sold by ASVAPE yet, so Captain Dirty is the first one in the world who uses and reviews it, isn’t it amazing?!

Keep following us to see more new products. Go to ASVAPE official site to learn more about the new RAINBOW BABY product.

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No matter in taste or details, it is superior to the disposable vapes of the same trade in general, especially the dust cover, playful shapes, etc.ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review - DirtyCheck No. 20