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ASVAPE to attend 2021 Indonesia Vape Fair with a variety of exhibits


ASVAPE will bring a variety of exhibits to participate in the 2021 Indonesia Jakarta Electronic Cigarette Exhibition.

ASVAPE will bring a variety of exhibits to attend 2021 Indonesia Vape Fair

Shenzhen ASVAPE Technology Co., Ltd. (ASVAPE for short) was established in 2016. The company is committed to the research and development of healthy, high-end and fashionable electronic vaporizers and peripheral products, and provides the most personalized vaporizer product and match list for global fashion lover. As a pioneer in China electronic cigarette industry, ASVAPE has a large-scale automated factory, a top-notch electronic cigarette structure design and development team, and professional sales personnel.

ASVAPE production management meets the US FDA standard production environment and manufacturing process compliance requirements, strictly in accordance with the GMP standard production environment and ISO9001 quality management system, and designs a full-process traceable quality control system to create a modern smart factory.

At the same time, ASVAPE has always been adhering to the design concept of fashion trends, and has gradually established its own brand culture, which not only blends in the streets, but also maintains a clear brand attitude and the unique brand culture. It makes ASVAPE more and more recognized by players, and also brings unlimited vigor and vitality to the electronic cigarette industry.

What exhibits will ASVAPE prepare? Let’s take a look now.



VULCAN is a portable pod vape, no button design, microsecond speed to enjoy the ultimate taste, innovative structure division method, a variety of colors to choose from, gorgeous presentation, compatible with functions and aesthetics.

The e-liquid and heating core are separated, and the top chamfer design increases the friction between the condensate and the inner wall, and the L-shaped double-sided air intake greatly increases the use experience. Intelligent vibration reminder function, built-in 350mAh battery, equipped with power management system, longer battery life.

asvape vulcan asvape vulcan asvape vulcan asvape vulcan


HITA asvape HITA asvape

Once the appearance of box mod made vapers crazy, now the era of POD has overwhelmed box mod. HITA is for this purpose, looking back on the feelings of box mod and creating a retro appearance of box mod.

POD based on box shape design, 25mm diameter, aluminum profile anodized. Oil tank connection status reminder, magnetic design, precise use. Equipped with 1000mAh battery, small size and large energy.

Explore the boundary between the box mod and the simple vaporizer in advance, look back on the feelings, base on the present, and echo the future!

HITA asvape HITA asvape HITA asvape HITA asvape




Hita ink is a mini refillable box product in the ASVAPE HIta series. The appearance continues the classic shape of the Advancer and incorporates the illustration style of Hyakki Yakou and HITA’s innovative cartridge structure.

HITA INK can adjust the power of 5-40W. The independently developed ReekBox chip can automatically identify the resistance and automatically adjust the power to protect the atomization core according to the resistance of the atomization core.

Three-button smart operation, adjustable air inlet, simple refilling method, bring a better user experience!



ASVAPE will be with you at Booth No. 11, 2021 Indonesia Vape Fair from January 23-24, 2021.

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