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Alibaba has stopped selling electronic cigarettes and accessories to the United States since October 10


Alibaba international site will control electronic cigarette products and accessories from October 10.

Recently, Alibaba international site issued a message to its members that, in view of the continuous strengthening of the control of electronic cigarette products in the United States, it will control all electronic cigarette products and accessories on the platform by blocking the traffic of the United States and blocking the orders of American credit insurance.

Specifically, electronic cigarette products and accessories released on the platform will not be displayed to American buyers, and products sent to the United States will no longer be able to draft credit insurance orders. The scope of control includes, but is not limited to, products released under the category of consumer electronic cigarettes, but also includes other categories.

Alibaba international site said that it will continue to pay attention to the relevant policy changes in various countries, and accordingly adjust the platform control policy accordingly.

Not only Alibaba, but also Wal-Mart, a retailer, announced a ban on nicotine-containing e-cigarettes in the United States on September 20.

Wal-Mart said the reason for implementing the plan was the increasing complexity and uncertainty of regulations governing electronic cigarettes by the federal and state governments.

Wal-Mart ban vapes

Recently, US President Trump announced plans to impose a ban on all flavored electronic cigarettes due to the surge in the number of minors who use electronic cigarettes.

Kroger and Walgreens, American retail companies, also announced that they would stop selling electronic cigarettes. For e-cigarettes, local governments in China have also begun to introduce relevant policies.

Kroger and Walgreens

On October 1, Shenzhen formally implemented the newly revised Regulations on Smoking Control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Electronic cigarettes have been included in the smoking control list, and the outdoor smoking-free areas have been expanded. Bus platforms and subway openings also belong to the smoking-free areas.

Mao Qun’an, Director of Planning Department of the National Health Commission, said that in view of the unsafe nature of e-cigarettes, there would be an impact on the formation of adolescents’ healthy behavior habits, so the supervision of e-cigarettes must be strictly strengthened. At present, the Ministry is carrying out research with relevant departments, and plans to regulate electronic cigarettes through legislation.

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