Thursday, June 20, 2024

ALD introduces the latest microporous ceramic formula to promote the healthy development of the vape industry


ALD begins to use a new type of microporous ceramic material in the vape atomizing core recently, and denotes that the atomization performance of the microporous ceramic is better than most of the ceramics core including FEELM inside on the market.

According to ALD R&D personnel, ALD atomization core material has undergone four stages of development, glass fiber, cotton, ceramics, microporous ceramics. And the flavor of the vapor has been improved to another height after each innovation. ALD’s high-level independent R&D team began to develop and explore the best atomization solution from the early stage of its establishment. After thousands of experiments and tests, the latest formulation of microporous ceramics came into being. The micro-porous ceramics contain a large number of micro-or sub-micron-sized small openings and closures on the surface or in the interior, and the pore size distribution is uniform and controllable, so that each drop of e-liquid can be fully heated through the small hole, and the atomized vapor is more delicate and smooth. Each drop of e-liquid is surrounded by a ring, heated at 360 degrees, fully volatilized, and the aromatic hydrocarbons in the vape juice are completely released, bringing a smooth taste and optimizing the original flavor of the vape juice to the best degree.


Another advantage worth mentioning is that ALD’s micro-porous ceramics is durable. Its shape and size of the voids will not change under pressure, hydraulic or other stress loads,, and the differences between the various ceramic atomizing cores can be effectively controlled, so they can be formed, printed and cut in batches to realize modular automated production. At the same time, automated production can ensure that the cost of similar heaters may be reduced by more than 50%. With the help of the characteristics of microporous ceramics, ALD has been the first manufacturer in the industry to realize contact conductivity design by conducting the thimble on the heater. Nowadays, most atomizing cores on the market uses flux welding, which makes invisible welding pollution in the vape juice when fusing, which is harmful to human health.

ALD new ceramic atomization system has subversive, excellent flavor experience, soft taste, pure vapor. This will make it easier for traditional smokers to recognize and accept electronic cigarettes, accelerate the development of the electronic cigarette market, and leave a strong mark for the development of electronic cigarette technology. ALD product manager said, “ALD micro-porous ceramic atomization technology has been successfully applied to many products at present, such as VLIGHT, VAPMAX, VINGOR and so on. These new products will be launched at CEE 2019 Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo from 28 to 30 this month. And ALD welcomes you to the exhibition site to experience a new generation of ceramic atomization solutions.”

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