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ADVKEN solicits a new LOGO globally, and a cash prize of 6666 yuan will be presented to the finalists!


We are from China and we have no fear of challenges. 

We dare to subvert and we are loyal to our heart.

We accept remodeling and reforming. This is us!

adken logo old

Established in 2013, ADVKEN is a global shared brand for vapors. From Madhatter vape to CP vape to Manta RTA, we invite the global designers and gamers actively to discuss each product, and We introduce different cultures and different styles of products to meet the special requirements of different groups of people. For this purpose, each product has a unique naming and exclusive LOGO design.

In 2018, ADVKEN complete its first “Five-Year Plan” and celebrate its 6th anniversary. We defined it as “a more specialized brand year”. Therefore, ADVKEN will start substantial iterative updates in the brand strategy, product strategy and marketing.

This includes a completel new brand image that is more in line with the spirit of the times, adhering to the concept of “global vapor sharing brand”. We invite all friends sincerely who care about or love ADVKEN to provide the completely new brand with your intelligence and originality together!


【Call of the Mission】

A completely New ADVKEN LOGO and Chinese Name



ADVKEN’s name was inspired by couples who have realized their dreams finally, the common ideals of Andy and Vicky are to transform some of the colors and healthy habits of our lives into an active and healthy attitude to life, Combining colors and attitudes into the product and deepens the life and quality of the product. This belief has gradually influenced many people, enabling more people to understand the colors and feel that we are consistent with health and quality. The brand is also the integration and expansion of the couples’ English names. It is also a spiritual culture of our own: integrating different ideas and expanding positive and optimistic thinking. Now you can see our advken on every continent in the world. We use each of our different types of products and colors to match every different experience and scene. In the vape family, find your own unique colors and feelings.



1. Styles and themes aren’t ’t limited.

2. Meet the e-cigarette trend culture, have a strong visual impact.



Bonus: Once your ideas are adopted, we offer a cash prize of ¥6,666 and you can enjoy all new ADVKEN products for free.


【Event Date】

June 20, 2018 to July 5, 2018


【Contribution email】

[email protected]


From 2013 to 2018,

Our process is bigger than the result,

And we gain greater than achievement,

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and tolerance to ADVKEN.

Criticism and spur make us insist on the things we believe more!

Vape can bring happiness to people and enrich our lives.


Thank you and we greatly appreciated!

adken logo prize award

The activity is shown above, and the same as the text!


Contribute if you have a good idea!

Note: The graphic content is originated from ADVKEN for reference


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