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A new way to aproach MTL | ADVKEN MANTA RTA


The fashion of vaping has been returned again, and many brands are beginning to go online to absorb the positioning style of RTA products. In the vape circle, it is called MTL RTA. MTL is the same as our common RDTA positioning mode ,which was named for the usage mode . The atomizer displayed on the market is RDTA, which can be liquid or stored. MTL is the product of the e-liquid storage atomizer.

The MANTA RTA (devil fish),introduced by ADVKEN, has been on market for a long time, and in the future, with the MTL upsurging, the MANTA RTA’s version of the mouthpiece again – MANTA MTL RTA, this 24MM diameter MTL atomizer is the hero to share with you today.

Materials in the factory packages are as follows: the body of the atomizer X1/ wiping cloth X1/ compatibilizer X1/ cotton X1/ spare seal ring a number of spare screws X2/ finished product Clapton coil X1/ screwdriver. This atomizer has five color matching, and can change the storage capacity of 2ML and 3ML through the replacement of glass storage.

The bottom intake regulating ring can be dismantled independently, but the plant’s damping seal is slightly tightened. If you can run a little bit of oil, the sealing ring will be more handy when it is adjusted. Judging by the span of the inlet, the MTL is a “microporous” intake suction setting is different from the market. It does not seem to be reconciled to the use of tight suction only using a fine line.

Although many friends hold the opinion that the use of KFLP remains enduring, the principle of buying new and not buying the old is not groundless. Like the evolution of the oil injection, KFLP needs to rely on a screwdriver or a specific tool to open the oil storehouse, and then to the MANTA MTL RTA, the unleaking risk of the top oil injection structure today, which is an indication of a new era.

The operational convenience mentioned above is the user experience of today’s nebulizer design, and MANTA MTL RTA uses three component components, and the convenience of daily cleaning is obvious. At the same time,after the 510 thin suction mouths are removed, the structure can also see that the atomizer is still at rest, and the lossless core changing operation can be realized.

The position of the air hole is clearly visible on the electrode table, which is similar to that of the Bumblebee we used to touch. MANTA MTL RTA is a direct way of side inlet coil, which is approximately similar to the WOTOFO SMM RTA intake design route, and it can basically exclude some fine lines from 28G and other ports in the actual data use.

The cotton grooves are very wide, and the newcomers often have oil leaks or oil guide speeds on the almost open cotton grooves, and here are three reasonable priorities for novice friends:
1. The cotton feet should not be too long, just touching the bottom of the cotton through with a slight allowance.
2. cotton feet must be arranged to fluffy state, the more fluffy the better (Fluffy is not equal to sparse loose)
3. two side guide holes are held up by loose cotton (not tight), and there is no gap between the oil guide hole and cotton.

If newcomers do not have enough confidence in cotton craftsmanship, it is recommended that you use the 3 circle path on the atomizer. ;

The overall workmanship quality of MANTA MTL RTA continues the solid level of ADVKEN. After the disassemble of the base table is completely visible, the simple and clear structure can be disintegrated after the bottom electrode screw is disassembled, which is beneficial to the cleaning of the condensing in the bottom air intake space for a long time.

The original Clapton coil is about 0.45 euro, using 3 circle /4 circle. But in the use of air intake even in the 50% closed state is still larger, the 20-30% closed intake condition can achieve a comfortable light lung absorption experience, so this MANTA MTL RTA does not belong to the common “MTL” style, it is more biased towards the use of light lung absorption.

The two large orifice of the atomizer can meet the fuel consumption of about 0.5 European Clapton coils. This atomizer, which does not have the bottleneck of the oil guide, has enough taste. As a common 6MG, the full throats caused by the use of light lung suction also make the atomizer not limited to the present. Salt nicotine juice.

The span of the inlet is too large for the original Clapton coil, and the inability to use more than 50% of the intake air on this atomizer is in most cases the excess intake. But looking at this structure in a different way, it may be set up for a Clapton coil with a higher heat, after all, how fast the heat span is determined by the large intake of the air.

For single line heat coil, because the positioning of the atomizer intake, it is doomed to not be associated with the common “taste data”, such as the players commonly used in the MTL RTA 26G and 28G even the 30G line diameter, these slow heat resistance data will appear to lose the whole sense of tight and full taste. In the experience of using 24G diameter A1, the air inlet is basically closed to the small circular hole, which is softer than Clapton.

Although the MANTA MTL is positioned for mouth suction, the MTL is not MTL through its product structure dismantling and actual experience. It does not pay attention to the traditional style of the use of suction, instead of the whole structure of the design of the light lung suction direction. We don’t discuss whether a MTL is is good, bad or exclusive to traditional mouth suction performance, our actual experience tells the user, MANTA MTL RTA is a perfect match of the traditional 6MG concentration of vape juice, which meets 70%VG  viscosity of the daily amount of RTA vaping needs .

Where to buy: Vapesourcing


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