XPLLO pod system with dual coil design for ultimate customized vaping exprience

XPLLO pod system is a new product created by ALD group recently. It features its dual coil design, 2ml pod capacity, Type-c charger, three gears power adjustment, and1.5/0.9 Ohm coils.

XPLLO 2 in 1 pods vape mesh coil& icot smart button extra durability

Dual coil design

There are 2 kinds of coils for choosing for this pod vape, they are iCot cotton coil and mesh Coil, and there are 1.5/0.9 Ohm coils for choosing, which is a big advantage to make the vaping experience more customizable and more pleasant. Each type of coil comes with a different vaping experience.

Dual coil design

What are the merits of the cotton coil? Cotton for vaping is heat-resistant, a necessary quality since it is used to wick heating coils. It’s also ideal for absorbing e-liquid and funneling it to your coils, and its neutral flavor ensures pure, unadulterated flavor. Most disposables take use of cotton coil and they work perfectly.

As to the mesh coil, one key advantage to mesh coils is that they fire or “ramp up” more quickly than standard coils. This makes for a more efficient, powerful hit that delivers a good dose of cloud and flavor.

2ml pod capacity

2ml is more than enough for 1 day’s vaping need for normal vapes. A heavy vaper will use a 2ml bottle for about a day. Moderate vapers will get about two full days of use, while casual vapers could enjoy it for up to a week.

So 1 pod of XPLLO will be enough for most vapers’ daily use. It’s durable and practical.

Three gears power adjustment

The smart button enables you to enjoy different levels of power including 11w, 13w and 15w.

Three gears power adjustment

Low power makes your e-juice more durable while high power makes the vaping performance more prominent. No matter you enjoy large vapor or small vapor, it’s suitable for you.



XPLLO pod system is a comprehensive pod vape for the different needs of vapers. It’s customizable and fits different preferences for vapor amount, taste richness and heating efficiency. It’s indeed a versatile pod vape for a premium vaping experience.

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