Thursday, June 20, 2024

WIPPO raised 10 million yuan to compete in vape industry


As a rising star in the field of electronic cigarettes, WIPPO pod vape has raised 10 million yuan in the first financing round from an industry supply chain.

The fund will be spent on product research and development, developing sales channels with high-frequency consumption scenarios, and growing overseas market such as Southeast Asia.

The founder of WIPPO pod vape expressed his unique view on electronic cigarettes: the upgrading and transformation of the inherent industry originated from the improvement of efficiency, and the emergence and development of electronic atomization products that essentially met the need of improving the efficiency of related material acquisition. It led to the reorganization and improvement of the industrial supply chain. Thanks to the scale and volume of the industry itself, electronic atomization products will have great development space in the future, which is also the dividend of industrial upgrading brought by the development of science and technology.

WIPPO strategic partner, general manager of the world largest electronic cigarette factory ALD and Aladdin technology CEO Xu Xu, said that WIPPO team has gathered a group of elites from the field of Internet, fast consumer, electronic cigarette, fragrance and flavor. Most of the team members are e-cigarette fans. They have a deep understanding of electronic cigarette products and crave a good product with good quality and good user experience. It’s also consistent with ALD values. Xu also said that brand operation and digital marketing capabilities are the core competitiveness of the WIPPO team. It’s also the reason for the strategic cooperation between the two sides. Both sides will strive to provide consumers with more standardized and better quality electronic cigarette products.

Over the past six months, WIPPO team has invested a lot of money and energy, constantly hone the product. In the near future, a new WIPPO PRO pod system kit will be introduced. Silmo 3.0 honeycomb ceramic atomizing core, which is strategically provided by ALD, will be first applied. This atomization technology has attracted much attention in the industry before. The new WIPPO products are highly competitive in terms of flavor fidelity and atomization effect.

Silmo 3.0 in WIPPO pod vape
Silmo 3.0 in WIPPO pod vape

The founder of WIPPO expressed, “According to the penetration rate of domestic e-cigarette market, the current e-cigarette market is still in the early stage, consumers need better experience and quality, more standardized products. Good products can speak for themselves, and only good products can be widely spread. As for the market, identifyying the terminal consumption scenario and controling the terminal marketing is the key to the business durability. Therefore, follow-up WIPPO products will build a community and invest some support to strengthen communication and interaction with sales channel providers and consumers, promote product reverse optimization, and allow consumers to participate in product development and brand building actually.”

Outracing others is a big challenge, but if there are good products and services, we believe that WIPPO will also make great achievements in vape industry.

“In addition, with the emergence of electronic cigarettes, the future of vape products will carry more consumer content. Electronic atomization technology may be applied to more fields, such as vaporized soda, vaporized chewing gum and other entertainment consumer products. But electronic cigarettes are always a kind of harm reduction product to cigarettes, not harmless or healthy products. Regarding this, WIPPO will target at no non-smokers, and hope that non-smokers do not try and buy any electronic cigarette products. “This is what the founder of WIPPO said.

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