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Why is the Heating Wire the Core Component of Vapes?


Why is the heating wire the core component of e-cigarettes? Listen to what the experts say

The heating wire is one of the core components of the e-cigarette. Its core function is mainly to absorb the e-liquid and atomize the e-liquid effectively. The basic principle is to supply the heating wire component through the battery, and the heating of the resistance wire causes the vape juice and its solutes around the resistance wire to evaporate and form smoke, which allows the smoker to achieve the effect of swallowing clouds.

At present, there are many types of heating wire on the market, which can be roughly divided into five types: Kangtaier heating wire, NI80 heating wire, titanium wire, pure nickel and stainless steel wire. Each type of heating wire has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the price of each heating wire is also different, mainly due to various factors such as process, formulation, materials, propaganda and follow-up.

With the increasing scale of the global e-cigarette market, there is an increasing demand for related e-cigarette accessories such as heating wire. The heating wire is the part of the e-cigarette that directly contacts the e-liquid, so its importance is unquestionable. Therefore, for e-cigarette manufacturers or players, whether it is the purchase of finished heating wire or DIY heating wire, the requirements of the supplier are very strict.heating core

Shenzhen Huachengda Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-paying technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of various types of e-cigarette core components. It has a sound scientific management system and a strong R&D team and production capacity. It commits to the majority of e-cigarette manufacturers to provide high-quality, fast delivery, excellent unit price of heating wire products and after-sales service. For a long time, Huachengda Precision Industry has been closely cooperating with many well-known e-cigarette manufacturers at home and abroad, and has a large share in the heating wire supply market of the e-cigarette industry, which is favored by manufacturers and players.

At present, Huachengda Precision Industry has introduced various types of heating wire products, including imported/domestic Ni200 wire, titanium wire, SS316L stainless steel wire, Kangertai Kanthal heating wire, Cr20Ni80 nickel-chromium alloy heating wire, Clapton (Clapton ) twist heating wire, size power heating wire, double hair pin heating wire, DIY series (RDA, RBA, RDTA) fancy heating wire, automatic welding welding cotton heating wire, hitting terminal heating wire, etc. It not only can provide order Special specifications heating wire, but also can be sampled for customer ODM production.

In short, the use of each type of e-cigarette heating wire is different, such as Kangtaier heating wire, NI80 heating wire, and they belong to power heating wire. Titanium wire and pure nickel belongs to temperature-controlled heating wire, stainless steel wire belongs to power temperature controllable heating Silk, and the quality of the e-cigarette heating wire directly affects the user’s taste experience and safe use.

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