VINN e-cigarette recycling plan – Protect the nature after vaping

VINN brand has been committed to providing a healthier and more pleasant way for vapers. From factory to use, it represents respect the environment and set the expectation of health.

The VINN brand is looking forward to making this environmental conscience more resolute. Will you be willing to take part in the degradation of these used devices in the most standardized way?


VINN brand cigarettes are disposable products at present, it’s disposable equipment integrating e liquids and atomizer. Because it is a disposable consumable, the problem of “empty stick” is unavoidable.


To solve the environmental pollution problem, VINN One-off Vape Recovery Plan is started by VINN official.

Rules of the Activity:

Each VINN one-off vape can be converted to RMB 1.5 by mail or physical store exchange, and the quantity is unlimited.

This activity is still holding, welcome to consult VINN official for more details.

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