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VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes Become the Best Seller in China


VGOD STIG Disposable Vapes become the Best Seller of China’s e-cigarette history single product sales

When the domestic e-cigarette physical store market continues to decline and sales are depressed, VGOD STIG disposable e-cigarette has become the champion of China’s e-cigarette history single product sales.

According to the official shipment statistics of VGOD, VGOD STIG disposable e-cigarettes were listed on the Chinese market for 126 days, and the sales volume of single products has exceeded 1 million.

Mr. Huang Huafu, the general manager of VGOD China’s agent Huadian Times, said that STIG disposable e-cigarettes created a sales record of China’s e-cigarette history in the shortest period of time, which exceeded 1 million sales. And it changed the pattern of China’s e-cigarette market, accelerating the small size of China’s e-cigarettes. The process of popularization has become the vane of China’s e-cigarette products.

VGOD STIG disposable e-cigarettes are not seen in the circle, many people have not heard of it. Searching for sales on Taobao shows that more than 5,400 sales was in the first place; in JD, the highest sales figure was just over 5,300, how is the sales so big? What channel does it take to get the amount up?

The answer is the traditional mass consumption channel.

It is reported that VGOD STIG has successfully settled in 7-ELEVEN in the US, 7-ELEVEN is also accelerating its entry into the Chinese market, while negotiating business cooperation with Sinopec Yijie convenience store and Meiyijia convenience store.

VGOD STIG Disposable Pod Device 3pcs Pre-order

After the miniaturization and popularization of e-cigarette products in 2018, they have gradually transformed from the market within the trend culture circle to the traditional mass consumption channels outside the circle.

I hope that the Chinese e-cigarette market will become more and more popular, and more and more people will benefit and life will become healthier.


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