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VAPORESSO Rebrands with New Logo, Bringing More Focus to Vapers


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VAPORESSO has unveiled a new brand image at VAPEXPO in Lille.

“This is an evolution for us. By establishing a clear identity built on innovation, perseverance and empathy, we hope to transcend the uncertainty of these times.” Thalia Cheng, CMO of VAPORESSO, said during the launch event on 10th April 2022.

VAPORESSO’s new logo: inspired by vapers, designed for vapers


VAPORESSO’s new logo features “V” at the forefront, encircled behind by the letter “O.” 

O, vapor ring, joy, love and hope

At the surface level, the “O” represents a vapor ring that opens up.  On a deeper level the “O” also represents the joy, love and hope VAPORESSO seeks to bring to its customers.

V, vapers know better.

The “V” is a symbol of the passion, spirit, attitude and conviction in their community, that VAPORESSO hopes to continue to emulate.

The development of the new branding process took about one year, according to Thalia; it involved massive surveys and focus groups, data analysis, creative and design work.

“Vaping is not just a fad, it’s a culture, a lifestyle that you choose to live, an attitude that you use to interact with the world. In our new logo we hope to capture the spirit of vapers and vaping culture, to express our passion and commitment to serving the vaping community.” said Thalia.

Built by vapers, for vapers

VAPORESSO shares the meaning behind their logo at VAPEXPO in Lille, France

Founded in 2015, VAPORESSO has become a major innovator in the vaping industry. The company has gained fans from more than 60 countries with its popular vape kits.

When speaking of the company’s journey, Jimmy Hu, Vice President of VAPORESSO said: “Our chairman and CEO Simon Lai was a smoker for 11 years, before turned to vaping. When we started VAPORESSO, we had a big dream to make switching to vaping as easy as possible for everyone”.

“For the past 11 years, at the core of what we do, we hold on to a craftsman’s heart and ambition to bring the best experience to our vaping community.” Jimmy Hu continues, “We know vapers, and we take into serious consideration what every customer says through our global channels.”

Echoing this promise, VAPORESSO recently launched the first flagship store in Marseille, France in December of 2021. The flagship store provides 4S services (sales, spare parts, services, and surveys), ensuring customers an ultimate vaping experience.

“In the future, VAPORESSO will continue expanding 4S stores, with the next location set to open in Paris, followed by several more in other major French cities,“ says Jimmy Hu.

During VAPEXPO, VAPORESSO also introduced to partners and customers the new 48-hour response After-service System.

Unique styles for for each unique personality

There is no doubt that in vaping culture, style counts.  VAPORESSO understands that for many, vaping kits aren’t just a device for nicotine satisfaction- they’re also an extension of one’s personality.

“For us, style goes beyond the superficial, the seasons, and the trends. It is found in the heart. It is a lifestyle that you choose to live, an attitude that you use to interact with the world. Our products are forged from their desires, designed only for them.” Says Jimmy.

VAPORESSO ‘s kits each have a unique style to fit users’ distinct personalities.  For MTL users, the ZERO boasts a sleek, futuristic design, while the XROS has a hip, minimal, modern aesthetic.  For DTL vapers the TARGET has a rugged aesthetic aimed at users with active lifestyles, the LUXE is designed for those who want to vape in style, and the GEN for those who want a simple, minimalist form factor.

Backing up the commitment to style, VAPORESSO  won a Red Dot design award in 2019, and a CMF design award in 2021.

Backed by parent company and world’s largest vaping manufacturer SMOORE International, and owning 1,000 patents and counting, VAPORESSO is no doubt a creator in the vaping industry.

With $450 million in annual R&D investment and five leading laboratories researching the delivery of flavors, nicotine satisfaction, and device performance, the firm is still breaking new ground.

Recently, VAPORESSO introduced their latest kits, the GEN 200, 80S and GEN FIT at VAPEXPO.

VAPORESSO’s new MTL device, the GEN FIT makes it much easier for beginners to switch to vaping. The draw and button activation mode make vaping more straightforward than ever, and the new MTX atomizing core platform with Pulse Mode delivers pure flavors and high nicotine satisfaction.

We aim to improve our users’ vaping experience and make their lives more enjoyable. We’re here to make a difference, and we believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way.” Says Jimmy. “We will have more breaking news to announce in the coming month, stay tuned.”

According to Jimmy, The VAPORESSO new brand image will soon pop up in vape stores, event banners, and marketing materials around the world.

With in-house developed tech and expertise, VAPORESSO hopes to grow along with users, and exceed expectations, and limitations. VAPORESSO strives to be a partner every step of the way, on everyone’s journey beyond the ordinary.

VAPORESSO is a brand with a history of innovation. Since its launch in 2015, VAPORESSO has gained a stellar reputation for its high-quality kits and replacement coils, setting a high standard of innovation, reliability and style for vapers. As the subsidiary of the world’s largest manufacturer, Smoore International. VAPORESSO has a strong presence in the US, European and Middle Eastern markets, and owns over 1,000 patents, growing daily.

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