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Vaping vs. Smoking


The marijuana trend is making leaps and bounds in America and across the globe. More people enjoy using marijuana in some capacity today than ever before; and with the recent legalization of it in numerous states, there抯 no doubt that the movement will continue to grow in the coming years. However, much has changed regarding how the average person uses weed.

Thanks to several scientific breakthroughs, it has been discovered that the way in which a person enjoys marijuana bodes heavily on how beneficial it is to them. One of the main discoveries is that vaping weed is much better than smoking it conventionally. In fact, there are numerous reasons for that.

Why Vaping Is Better than Smoking

The advantages of vaping marijuana instead of smoking it are well documented. Not only are high-quality vaporizers smaller and more discrete than rolled cigarettes and pipes but they can often be used in public places without onlookers knowing any better. While getting your hands on a vaporizer can be an investment, it tends to be well worth the money in the long run.

If you live in one of the states where recreational or medicinal marijuana use is legal, consider the following reasons why vaping is so much better than smoking:

Vaping Is Far Better for Your Health

Even pro-marijuana advocates admit that smoking weed in a conventional manner can have enormously negative consequences to a person抯 health, citing numerous studies which suggest that marijuana cigarettes and other combustion-driven paraphernalia are linked to lung cancer. Although smoking anything by lighting it on fire can be dangerous, inhaling marijuana through a joint or pipe basically negates its many health benefits.

Because the combustion of marijuana produces tar and carcinogens, smoking it can irritate the throat and lungs or even cause bronchitis. However, vaporizers are designed to heat the herb at a much lower temperature, allowing the user to inhale a much safer vapor which causes far less damage to the body. This lowered temperature also preserves the active medicinal components of the plant, known commonly as cannabinoids, without producing those detrimental by-products.

INTERESTING FACT: Vaping cannabis removes up to 95% of the smoke while also increasing the anti-inflammatory terpenoids which protect the throat and lungs from infection.

Vaping Makes You Feel Healthier than Smoking

You might also discover that vaping cannabis instead of smoking it can make you feel better overall. Smoking marijuana through high-temperature combustion techniques tends to leave the user short of breath and filled with anxiety, paranoia, or chest pains. Experts believe this is caused by excess smoke being caught in the lungs ?a problem seldom experienced by those who vape instead. Put simply, vaporizing marijuana not only feels cleaner, but it also produces less of a bodily hangover.

Vaping Allows You to Taste More of Your Herb

There are some marijuana users who claim than vaping their herb tastes bad, but that抯 not always the case. In fact, most people say that a good vape pen allows them to pick up more flavor notes than a joint or pipe. This is likely due to the fact that vaporizers don抰 burn the herb to a carcinogenic crisp, thereby producing a cleaner and more delicious result.

Vaping Saves You Money

Although investing in a complete vape system may take a chunk out of your bank account at first, the overall switch can save you tons of money. This is because vaping your weed instead of smoking it saves the herb and makes it last much longer. You won抰 have to use as much cannabis to get an equally amazing buzz, and that抯 a real money saver.

In addition, vapes tend to convert almost half of the available THC in each bowl into usable vapor, while smoking it converts less than 25% of the THC (and turns it into potentially dangerous smoke instead). As the most cost-efficient way to enjoy marijuana, vaporizers require a lower dose than joints, bowls, and even edibles. Furthermore, vaping creates a usable 揹uff?at the bottom of the device, allowing you to utilize the leftovers and pocket even more cash.

Vaping Is Way More Inconspicuous

Portable vaporizers make it easy for you to enjoy a delicious bowl on the go without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. Moreover, a good vape significantly reduces the noticeable smell of marijuana, making it ideal for public use. There are no huge clouds of smoke created either, just a relatively modest puff of vapor that disappears quickly. Also, vapes can be used without making a mess, especially if you use wax or oil instead of herb.

Vaping Renders a Better Buzz

Since the main point of enjoying marijuana is to catch a buzz (or, in some cases, to benefit from the medicinal side effects of it), using a vaporizer instead of smoking a bowl or joint can increase your high. Although some users may feel like their high is quite delayed or that it requires extra puffs, the end result is typically much more potent. This is especially true if you invest in a high-end vape pen or bong.

Vaping Allows You to Accessorize

Because there are so many different vaporizers on the modern market, it抯 possible to have a device to match your outfit for each day of the week. And while that may not be of importance to everybody, some marijuana users really appreciate that. In today抯 world, awesome looking merch is all the rage.

Vapes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Better still is that many of them can be recharged using a standard USB cable, making them ideal for smokers on the go. This means that you don抰 have to accessorize with lighters or torches but can instead coordinate your habit with whatever else you choose without having to worry about bumming a flame.

Final Verdict

Obviously, vaping your weed is much better than smoking it old school. Not only does it allow you to reap the benefits listed above, but it can also make you feel more trendy and high-tech about your favorite pastime.

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