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VapeEZ 10,000 square meters GMP workshop is put into use

Pioneer service provider of zero e-juice leakage technology


The opening ceremony of Shenzhen VapeEZ Technology Co., Ltd. (Sub-Brand: NEXCORE/ JUSTVAPE/ SUPCELL) was grandly held in Building E Funing High-tech Industrial Park, Lixinhu District, Baoan District, Shenzhen at 10:30 on August 25, 2019.


This is another milestone in the strategic layout and strength development of VapeEZ following the investment of Shunhao and Dongfeng shares in two A-share listed companies in June this year. It is believed that with the large-scale production, VapeEZ will have a cross-stage progress.

The R&D center of VapeEZ new plant is integrated with the manufacturing center. All customer-centered is the core idea of VapeEZ Intelligent Manufacturing. The industry’s top standard 10,000-class dust-free workshop, equipped with automated and semi-automated production hardware, supporting 7S management mode, GMP standard production environment, and ISO 9001 quality management system, provides a strong guarantee for production and quality control.

VapeEZ now has over 5,000 square meters of modern manufacturing center and R&D center, and a production and manufacturing team planning to exceed 1,000 staff. Its monthly production of atomizing device is as high as 5 million pieces, providing stable and reliable “one-stop service” integrating R&D, design and manufacturing for hundreds of customers around the world.

VapeEZ new factory
VapeEZ new factory

Leakage has always been a major pain point in the industry. VapeEZ, known as the pain point crusher in the electronic cigarette industry, has been sinking down to do the research and development of the underlying technology innovation, which has been warmly sought after by major brands and distributors.

After two years of research by VapeEZ Institute of Technology, we took the lead in introducing the patent technology of leakage proof atomization device with storage capacity of 2 years, which successfully solved the problem of e juice leakage and solved a major pain point in the industry.

VapeEZ introduced that they use the upper chamber separation design, and let the experiential officer realize the upper chamber atomization invisibly. Negative pressure test, high and low temperature test, vibration test environment ensuring zero leakage, perfect solution to the production, transportation, storage, sales process of leakage risk. It realizes the design concept of globalization of electronic cigarette.

At the opening ceremony, Huang Yu, founder and CEO of Wonton smart vape, a strategic partner of VapeEZ, representatives of suppliers and invited guests attended the opening ceremony. They witnessed the historic moment of VapeEZ with the leaders of VapeEZ Chairman and General Manager Shi Jinglian.

The opening ceremony opened in a grand and festive atmosphere. Statements were made by VapeEZ Chairman and General Manager Shi Jinglian, Xu Meng, Vice President of Shanghai Shunhai Group, and key customer representatives and supply chain representatives.

VapeEZ CEO & manager, Shi Jinglian
VapeEZ CEO & manager, Shi Jinglian

VapeEZ VapeEZ VapeEZ VapeEZ


VapeEZ is a new factory that’s invested by listed companies. Its investors are not vape producers so people shouldn’t expect too much from VapeEZ.

It’s a factory that’s suitable for small vape brand OEM like Wonton.

As to bulk OEM order and professional ODM, ALD Group Limited founded in 2009 with 40,000 square meters factory, 4000 employees and 12 highly automated product lines can’t be more suitable.

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