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Vape startup company development trilogy – most bosses come through like this!


Vape is an emerging industry and a sunrise industry. Between 2004 and 2010, there were only a handful of domestic e-cigarette industries, and the entire market was basically in a stagnant development dilemma. However, in 2011, the electronic cigarette industry suddenly ushered in explosive development. It is also at this time that many e-cigarette entrepreneurial companies have emerged in large numbers, and some non-producing production companies have begun to transform into this industry.

For the production-oriented enterprises, the company has designed and developed its own products and built its own brand in a short period of time with the help of accumulated funds, talents and technical strength, as well as production equipment. But for e-cigarette entrepreneurial companies, they need to start from scratch and generally go through three stages of development, which can also be called the development trilogy.

Vape start-up company development trilogy - most bosses come through like this!

1. The entrepreneurial company starts as the agent

Vape startup company bosses are mainly divided into three types. One is to be a management leader in a lay-off company, and then consider resigning and starting a business, and finally introduced by a friend. One is to engage in sales positions in major foreign trade e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, China Manufacturing Network, etc. After long-term dealings with e-cigarette companies, e-cigarette products, market conditions, sources of supply and customer development channels, etc. Information is collected by them. There is also another kind, as a sales manager, salesman or ID designer, structural engineer, etc. in the electronic cigarette company. These people not only understand the products and market, but more importantly, they also master the customer resources, sales experience, product technology and so on.

At first, entrepreneurial companies were limited to human resources, financial resources and other factors, mainly starting from the agency business. At this stage, the company mainly signed agency cooperation with various e-cigarette manufacturers to help them sell their products through their own developed channels and earn the money. This business model has less investment, low risk and quick money.

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2.Establish a product development team to build their own brand

In the first phase, the business volume is getting bigger and bigger, and the company is getting better and better. The company will consider developing its own products and building its own brand, hoping to bring the company to a higher level of development.

At this stage, the company began to invest more funds, set up a research and development team, develop new products, and cooperate with the processing plant for trial production and mass production. At the same time, expand sales staff, expand the business team, and promote new products. If the product is done very well, and the marketing is done well, then the product may become a burst in an instant, and the brand will be a hit. Such success stories have indeed happened. On the contrary, everything has to be implemented in a down-to-earth manner.

Vape start-up company development trilogy - most bosses come through like this!

3.Entering the development path of integrated R&D, production and marketing

If the company continues to grow and develop in the second phase, the existing conditions can no longer meet the needs of the company’s development. Then, the company will decide to transform into a development path integrating R&D, production and marketing.

At this stage, the company not only introduced production lines, but also developed new product research and development, strengthened product quality, improved marketing capabilities and brand influence, and strengthened corporate culture and team building.

In short, it is very difficult to go through these three stages of development. Some companies are fortunate enough to enter the third stage from the first stage. Some companies have struggled hard, but unfortunately, some companies have been forced to close. Looking back today, I believe that the bosses who came over will definitely forget those hard days.

I remember that in a poem by Chen Yi, there is such a saying that “the entrepreneurship is difficult and the battle is more than one.” Indeed, for every entrepreneur, success is hard to come by, and only they know the ups and downs behind. In short, for e-cigarette entrepreneurial companies, it is good to be able to successfully come over!

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