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Vape Laws on the Line: Key Updates and Actions You Need to Know Now!


Updates on Vaping Legislation

May 31 – Louisiana’s controversial HB 621 has breezed through the legislature and is now knocking on Governor Jeff Landry’s door for approval. If signed, this could twist the current vape registry laws tighter, limiting supplier interactions for local vape shops and narrowing product variety for Louisiana’s vapers. Voice your concerns and urge Governor Landry to veto HB 621 via the CASAA call to action.

May 31 – Over in Rhode Island, the countdown begins for H 7225, set for a House decision by June 8. This bill proposes a hefty 50-cents-per-mL plus 10% wholesale tax and aims to cement the health department’s flavor ban into state law. Take action by encouraging legislators to keep vape shops out of the flavor ban through the CASAA initiative.

May 17 – Iowa steps into the vape regulation arena as Governor Kim Reynolds signs HF 2677, introducing a PMTA registry that could reshape the vaping landscape in Iowa.

April 26 – Florida joins the legislative updates with Governor DeSantis enacting H 1007, a reverse PMTA registry bill, potentially altering how vape products are registered in the state.

April 19 – Iowa’s legislative body has given the green light to another PMTA registry bill. The revised CASAA call to action now seeks Governor Kim Reynolds’ intervention to potentially veto the decision.

April 17 – Virginia’s legislative dance around the PMTA registry law concludes as both houses sync up with Governor Youngkin’s suggestion to push the law’s effective date to July 1, 2025. The adjusted bill is now official.

April 8 – Virginia’s legislative saga continues as Governor Youngkin sends HB 1069 back with a twist—an amendment suggesting a delay in enforcement. The state’s legislators are set to reconvene and decide the fate of this amendment.

April 5 – Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signs off on HB 11, marking another state’s agreement on PMTA registry requirements.

April 4 – In a dramatic reversal, Vermont Governor Phil Scott vetoes the previously passed flavor ban, leaving state legislators at a standstill.

April 2 – Nebraska’s Governor Jim Pillen approves LB 1204, effectively banning online vape sales in the state.

March 29 – The legislative whirlwind in Kentucky and Nebraska results in a PMTA registry bill and an online sales ban, respectively, both awaiting gubernatorial decisions.

March 15 – Vermont’s House takes a decisive step by passing bill S 18, which bans all flavored vape and tobacco products. The Senate and Governor Phil Scott now hold the keys to its future.

March 8 – Florida and Virginia’s legislatures have passed PMTA registry bills, and now await the final word from Governors DeSantis and Youngkin.

These legislative maneuvers highlight the ever-changing landscape of vaping laws across the U.S. Each bill carries significant implications for vapers and businesses alike. It’s crucial to stay informed and proactive in voicing your opinions to safeguard your vaping rights.

Remember, staying silent now could echo in restrictive measures later. So, if you value vaping freedom, speak up, make your voice heard, and maybe even save your favorite flavors from vanishing. Keep following our blog for more updates and insights on how you can make a difference in the vaping community!


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23 days ago

With so many bans enacted, I wonder how well they are being enforced?

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