Tuesday, April 16, 2024

US: Two Pennsylvania School Districts Sue Juul Labs


Approximately 100 school districts nationwide are believed to be suing the Juul and its subsidiaries.

These two districts are the fifth and sixth in the area to file federal lawsuits against the brand. Other local districts include Butler Area, South Butler, Moniteau and Karns City, and approximately a total of 100 school districts nationwide are believed to be suing the company and its subsidiaries.The Slippery Rock School District said that the negative impacts of Juul of are very evident, especially through counselors who are working with addicted students.

Similarly in recent days, the Pittsburgh and Aspen school districts have just been given the go ahead by their school boards to enter into a contract with the Frantz Law Group, to sue Juul. The Pittsburgh lawsuit seeks damages for the cost of installing vaping detection devices in school restrooms, and the funding for educational programs, brought about by the widespread use of the Juul device.

Juul files trademark-infringement lawsuits

Meanwhile, as Juul strives to gain credibility, it has itself filed six trademark-infringement lawsuits in five states against vape shop owners selling fake Juul products. Additionally last July, the manufacturer filed a patent-infringement complaint at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington, disclosing the names of over four dozen companies that are importing copied illicit cartridges for its devices.

Juul Labs has also said that many more lawsuits are to follow, and the U.S. International Trade Commission is considering a Juul request to block imports and sales of imported, unauthorized cartridges.

These actions are part of Juul’s “global enforcement program directed at disrupting the illicit trade of black-market vapor products to create a more responsible marketplace for current adult users while addressing under-age use,” and more importantly part of the brand’s efforts to regain credibility.

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