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UK Smokefree 2030 Debate Write To Your MP NOW!


UK Smokefree 2030 Debate Vapers Urged To Advocate

UK Smokefree 2030 Debate – Email Your MP TODAY!

UKVIA is urging UK vapers and vaping advocates to contact their MPs ahead of the crucial Smokefree 2030 debate to be held in Parliament tomorrow!

The UK Vaping Industry Association has a pre-written letter you can copy and send to your MP.

the vape debate

The main bullet points are:

  • Promote the smoke-free 2030 ambition, with the use of all reduced risk nicotine alternatives to cigarettes.
  • Call on the Government to fully recognise the public health benefits of vaping.
  • Continue to challenge the misinformation around vaping to build public confidence, and ensure that smokers and vapers get the facts about the alternatives available to them.
  • Support the reclassification of vape stores as essential during this, and any future, national lockdowns.
  • Advocate for fair and proportionate changes during the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations review, supported by the UK’s largest trade body.

UKVIA is playing a leading role in the campaign to give UK vape shops ‘essential status’ meaning they can remain open during the current lockdown.

Last week I reported that Baroness Meacher had called on the government to act and now Mark Pawsey MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping, has joined the growing calls:

Given it’s vital role in smoking cessation, even when compared to NRT, the case for vaping’s essential status is growing ever stronger.

Vape retailers do not just provide the tools for harm-reduction, but also the expert advice and support which empowers consumers to make a positive change.

Now, more than ever, we should be safeguarding the country’s public health; vaping is an important part of that.

Let’s support this sector, and all those who rely on it, by keeping vape stores open

John Dunne ukvia
John Dunne Director General at UKVIA

UKIA Director General John Dunne said:

I have seen first-hand how UK vaping has risen to every challenge this year, with new safety measures, business practises and routines; every option which allows us to aid consumers is explored.

The passion for helping people in this industry is unrelenting, no smoker looking to quit is on their own

However, with Government help we can do even more, because for many people the support of a face-to-face experience is vital.

That is why I have written to Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP and Paul Scully MP at BEIS, as well Jo Churchill MP at the Department of Health and Social Care, to urge the Government to reconsider vaping’s status.

I have reminded them that more than 200 people die in the UK every day from smoking related illness, and that harm-reduction alternative need our full support.

Meanwhile Riot Squad E-liquids has created a petition calling for essential status for vape shops.

riot squad vape petition

A spokesman said:

Here at Riot Squad, we support all of the work that the UKVIA continues to do to challenge the original ruling.

We have set up a petition to the Cabinet of the United Kingdom and the Government of the United Kingdom to allow vape shops to remain open in the UK as an essential business.

Please join us in this ongoing challenge by signing the petition:

Sign the Riot Squad petition here.

You’ll find the UKVIA letter to MPs and your local MPs email address HERE – PLEASE sign and send TODAY!

Science Shows Vaping Significantly Helps COPD Sufferers

In a follow-up to a ground breaking study into vaping and lungs, scientists say smokers with COPD that switch to e-cigarettes show marked improvement.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is disease common among older smokers and includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis in its diagnosis.

lungs and vaping

Now pro-vaping scientist Professor Dr. Riccardo Polosa, shows those patients making the switch to vaping and e-cigarettes show a reduction in symptoms by a much as 50%!

Using the simple six-minute walk distance test the results showed COPD sufferers were able to walk 66.5 metres while those that smoked only managed 20.

Professor Polosa told Filter Magazine:

The most important finding of the study is that COPD patients can abstain from smoking cigarettes indefinitely if suitable substitution is available.

E-cigarettes can be a massive remedy for COPD and this is important for physicians, patients and their caregivers.

The study confirms that ‘harm reversal’ is achievable and that it can be maintained for years.

We are telling the world that substantial health gains are within reach when substituting deadly tobacco cigarettes for vaping products.

Great news indeed…let’s hope someone listens…

Read the full study: COPD smokers who switched to e-cigarettes: health outcomes at 5-year follow up

New Zealand’s New Vape Laws Kick In

New vape legislation in New Zealand comes into effect today with among other laws, vaping is now banned in the workplace.

The new rules also means vaping is banned on public transport as well as waiting areas, as well as a total ban in casinos and restaurants.

india vape ban black market

The Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act also slaps a ban on the advertising of vape products.

More legislation is to come however vape advocacy group Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy (AVCA) has welcomed the new legislation.

Nancy Loucas, AVCA co-director said:

We encourage New Zealand’s 200,000 vapers to think a little more before they vape.

The general rule is if you wouldn’t smoke there, you shouldn’t vape there.

The likes of shopping malls, and around schools and childcare centres are a no no.

At the same time, many councils have made their outdoor city centre areas and council parks vape-free as well.

I’m not a fan of vape bans in public areas per se’ – however New Zealand is at least legislating rather than an outright ban like its neighbours Australia.

Via: Scoop

Read more: Vape Shops Lock Down – Is It Part Of the Global ‘Great Reset’ Agenda?

PMTA: Vaporesso Vape Products Filed

Vaporesso and parent company SMOORE was one of the first big names to file PMTA’s and they’ve now released the devices it is hoping will recieve FDA approval.

The Pre-Market Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA) is a process whereby ALL vape gear sold in the USA must pass through the stringent and expensive process – OR be removed from sale permanently – read more at the link.

vaporesso pmta

The cost of each PMTA can run up to $460,000 and Vaporesso has so far submitted x6 devices:

Gen SXROSZeroLuxe PM40Tarot Nano and the Target PM80.

Successful PMTA submissions need to show up to date scientific evidence the device or juice is ‘safe’ and can involve thousands upon thousands of documents.

A spokesman for Vaporesso said:

Completing the second round of review is only the first step of SMOORE’s long march in PMTA.

SMOORE will continue to invest in the PMTA review process.

In the future, more VAPORESSO products will continue to be included in the PMTA application list.

What we will face down here must be more challenges and opportunities.

In the future, VAPORESSO will not forget its original intention by continuing to take innovation, quality, and safety as the criterion and making unremitting efforts to create the world’s leading vaping brand!

Let’s hope they, along with everyone else submitting, are successful…

…and finally No Dates If You Vape!!!

Vaping appears to be a real turn off on the Canadian dating scene!

A whopping 56% of Canadians say vapers really don’t get them all fired up, and 57% of women say they wouldn’t even consider hooking up with a vaper, whilst a staggering 62% of Ontarians say the same.

Bad news for Canada’s singleton sub ohmers and marriage hunting MTL’ers lol.

Saying that – love will always find away…he said romantically 😉


Remembrance Day


More Vape News on Sunday…

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