Thursday, May 30, 2024

The world’s first vape E-liquid anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling verification system was officially released!


On June 1st, the non-profit organization,National E-liquid Association of America held a news conference in Los Angeles and launched the E-cigarette E-liquid anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling verification system to the world


The system tracks the flow direction of cigarette E-liquid through the unique verification code of each bottle, eliminating the occurrence of counterfeit and smuggled cigarette E-liquid from producer to retailer, and further regulate the global cigarette E-liquid market, ensuring the health of consumers.

E-liquid anti-counterfeiting

The newly released E-cigarette E-liquid system consists of a database terminal and a mobile phone communication terminal and other terminals. It is open to mobile phone APP downloads for IOS and Android multi-platform users. Users can directly scan and verify the unique verification code of each bottle of cigarette E-liquid by the mobile phone APP. Through the verification code we can understand all the point-in-time of the smoke E-liquid from the factory production to the wholesale distribution, and then to the retail outlets, which makes us achieve the full tracking of electronic cigarette E-liquid production.

Dave Barela, president of the National E-liquid Association, said that vapes were first invented by the Chinese and have grown rapidly in recent years. Currently, in the global E-liquid market, the United States and Malaysia are the most important production areas, especially the United States, has the best quality of E-liquid,  which has also led to a large number of counterfeiting and smuggling of US E-liquid. Many counterfeit goods are of inferior raw materials, and in order to pursue profits,companies smuggle cigarette E-liquid often dilute E-liquid for extending capacity. They pursue greater profits.

E-liquid anti-counterfeiting

Erwin Erwin, vice president of the National Vape Oil Association of the United States, said: Last year, Brazil, China, France and other places successively exposed smoke smuggling and counterfeiting cases, many of which were based on US-originated vape oil. The Vape Oil Association paid close attention to the progress of the follow-up case and also assisted law enforcement officers in multiple regions in providing professional guidance on the identification of vape juice.

E-liquid anti-counterfeiting

Irwin Erwin emphasized that E-cigarette E-liquid enters the lungs and other organs after combustion, and the quality of the ingredients has a significant impact on the health of users. Effective technical measures must be taken to supervise the entire production and sales process. The system will achieve this goal very well. The first launch of the verification area will cover areas such as South America, Asia-Pacific, and South Europe, where counterfeit E-liquid have accumulated for years. It is believed that the confusion in the local market will be alleviated to certain extent by this system.


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