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The Vape Influencer RIP Trippers


Smoking is dead, vaping is the future, the future is now!!

When first meeting with e-cigarettes, most of them were shared by my friends or online promotion. However, this often makes us end up with disappointment. Therefore, we would like to know more about how electronic cigarettes can be best for us. This is the basic process of the rookie becoming old hand. In the process, we often see a person’s video more or less. He has a funny tone, a cute expression, and his eyes are the same as the two table tennis. The most striking feature is his big beard, which is most impressive. He is not a NBA new MVP bearded James Harden.

He is the KOL influencer in the vape industry – the American bearded RIP Trippers.

RIP Trippers

Bearded is one of the most famous professional appraisers in the industry. As of February of this year, its YouTube fans are 1.14 million people, the total pageviews reached an astonishing 197 million times. Each of his product review videos has a click volume of more than 100,000. (From the video viewing volume, you can imagine how much e-cigarettes are in foreign countries)

RIP Trippers

The bearded man told reporters that his enthusiasm for e-cigarettes has never weakened, and even like black holes, he has always been attracted to him. What makes him feel most proud is that even with his current experience and achievements, he still maintains a humble attitude to learn, and effectively disseminates the experience and knowledge he has learned and secondary education. And try to improve some of the technical defects of e-cigarette through more evaluation videos and more experience. And this will once again spur a higher passion.

RIP TrippersRIP Trippers

Having said that, take a look at the video of the big beard teaching you how to clean the hot wire! About his review video can be viewed in Youku or Tencent video search.

Have you written an e-cigarette related review? Or have you shared some of the experience you used? Tell your story to Bus Jun, and share the fans to have a chance to get a bottle of e-liquid from the Vape HK here.

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