The first e-cig industry supply-demand conference in 2019 will be held in Shenzhen

Conference time: 2019-07-05 08:00 to 2019-07-05 18:00 (Friday)

Venue: 118 Shajing Road, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Venus Royal Hotel, Shenzhen

Conference size: 600 participants

Organizer: Xincailiao Corporation

China had become the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic cigarettes by the end of 2017, , accounting for 95% of all electronic cigarettes produced. Many domestic listed companies, including Intretech, have become long-term suppliers of IQOS and other electronic cigarette manufacturers. According to P&S Market’s forecast, the global e-cigarette market is expected to reach US$48 billion in 2023, with an annual composite growth rate of more than 25%. China has more than 300 million smokers, but the penetration rate of e-cigarettes in China is still less than 1% compared with the proportion of more than 13% in the United States. In terms of both smoker base and product penetration, the domestic e-cigarette market has a development potential of 100 billion potentials.

The market is vast, who is not interested? Even traditional tobacco companies are staring at the cake. Sichuan China Tobacco entered Korea in 2017, Yunnan China Tobacco’s MC opened the Korean market in April 2018, and Guangdong China Tobacco and Hunan China Tobacco’s electronic cigarette products were also listed in Laos and Britain. At the same time, electronic cigarettes have ignited the venture capital circle. Before Wang Ying, a senior executive from Didi, founded RELX, and Cai Yuedong, an influencer, founded YOOZ. On the other hand, ESUN, MOTI, LINX, Flow, Vvild, etc. With the continuous financing of investment institutions, this industry is getting lively. This further drives electronic cigarettes to the public and make it become fast consumer products. Therefore, more and more high-quality upstream processes, technologies, accessories and other supply chains have joined the field of electronic cigarettes to promote industrial upgrading and development.

With the theme of “New Ecology, New Ideas, New Services”, the fair holder invited leading figures from tobacco companies, associations, industry research institutes, capital, top leaders of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and other enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial supply chain, as well as some 600 senior professionals, experts, enterprise executives and media, focusing on current trendy situation and future development. They’ll share the trend and realize “co-building, sharing and win-win” of the industrial supply chain.


1Opening speechXincailiao Manager Fuliao
2Brief Introduction of Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Cigarette ProductsGeekvape   Li Haoning
3Application and Development Trend of New Technologies and New Materials for Electronic CigaretteSmoore Li Kui
4Study on the Technology of Flexible Membrane Transfer to Produce Electronic Cigarette SheetHaisum Wu Liqun
5Evolution of Electronic Tobacco and Adaptation of CBD TobaccoDirector of Investor Relations, Merrill Health International Industrial Group Yu Jianke
6The Application of Metal Porous Materials Promotes the Upgrading of Vape AtomizerNorthwest Institute of Nonferrous Metals Professor Wang
7Application and Prospect of HIC Thick film heater in NTP(New Tobacco Product)Zhuzhou Lide Yingke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Ren Xi
8Application of Wireless Charging in Electronic Cigarette MarketKunshan Hegao Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Hu Hai
9The Present and Future of New Tobacco from the Perspective of Capital MarketTianfeng Securities Research Institute Wu Li
10Electronic Cigarettes from Production to Marketing Supply Chain in the Eyes of Traditional CigarettesXiamen Consult  Mr. Huang
11The Future of HNBChina Tobacco Yunnan Mr. Li
12Relevant Reliability on HNBIEEE award winner

Michael Pecht

13Analysis and Sales Channel of Japanese Market and Potential Market and Development Direction in the Next Five YearsJapanese large seller Kamikaze manger Shanben

Translator Liu Yuchuan

14Terminal supply-demand fair of the electronic cigarette industryXincailiao Suppy Chain Director Chen Weixiong


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