The best way to combat smoking is to make e-cigarettes part of public health policy

According to foreign reports, the world e-cigarette Alliance (WVA)’s iconic e-cigarette bus tour began in Barcelona this week and will share information with local users: if policy makers adopt policies supporting e-cigarettes in the fight against smoking, Europe can save 19 million lives.

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Speaking of the European bus tour, Michael Randall, President of the world e-cigarette alliance, said:

“We started our journey in Barcelona today because smoking remains the main cause of preventable diseases in Spain. If Spanish and EU politicians accept e-cigarettes, Spain can save 2.4 million lives and Europe can save 19 million lives. We want 2021 to be one of the world’s greatest public health inventions of this century. In order to achieve this goal, it is very important to hear the voice of e-cigarette users. “

Next year, EU policymakers will review the main EU legislation on tobacco, namely the tobacco products directive (TPD). The approach taken by these laws to e-cigarettes will have a great impact on public health in Europe and around the world in the coming years. Vape bus will collect the stories of e-cigarette users and ensure that those who make policy decisions in Brussels face the evidence and voice of users.

Vape bus will be held in Barcelona today, where the world e-cigarette alliance team will meet e-cigarette users and supporters. After Barcelona, vape bus will continue to encourage e-smokers and politicians to take action in major European cities, including Milan, Munich, Berlin, London, Brussels and Geneva.

“We will send our message to the whole of Europe and hope that those who make decisions about the future of e-cigarettes will understand that if they do not take action, 19 million lives will be in danger. The best way to combat smoking is to make e-cigarettes a part of public health policy. ” Michael Randall concluded.

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