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Navigating the Vaping Debate: CASAA’s Insights on Flavor Bans, Misinformation, and Advocacy Efforts


CASAA chart show flavors aren’t increasing youth vaping or smoking. Anti-vaping policies undermine tobacco harm reduction. A delusion of safety in Louisiana. Dr. Califf misleads public about smoke. Californian vapers turn to internet for flavors. News Nation can’t math. Blaming common illnesses on vaping. Debunking another Glantz lie and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Stop A Federal Tax!

Comparing “oranges to oranges” (in this case milligrams of nicotine in vapes vs cigarettes,) if HR 5715 is enacted, vapes would be taxed at a rate approximately 5X higher than cigarettes! Vaping consumers will be paying up to 6¢/mg of nicotine compared to 1.1¢/mg in cigarettes.

The tax hike is just as bad, if not worse, for nicotine pouches, snus, and moist snuff — all reduced risk products compared to cigarettes!

TAKE ACTION: Fight a National Vapor Tax!

CALL TO ACTION // Pennsylvania: Stop a Flavor Ban!

HB 1161 would ban tobacco and nicotine products in any flavor other than tobacco.

TAKE ACTION: Pennsylvania: Fight a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Evanston, IL: Stop A Flavor Ban!

Ordinance 74-O-23, which would ban tobacco and nicotine products in any flavor other than tobacco, is moving toward final consideration on Monday, November 13, 2023 at 6PM!

TAKE ACTION: Evantson, Illinois: Stop A Flavor Ban!

RESEARCH // Surveys Show Flavored Vapes Aren’t Increasing Youth Vaping & Smoking

Let’s review, shall we?

– Nearly 4 years into federal flavor ban on cartridge-based e-cigs

– TOTAL flavor bans in some states and municipalities

– Lawmakers, public health orgs and state AGs screaming to have total ban NATIONWIDE

But where’s the scientific evidence of harm?

As this CASAA chart shows, the percentage of high school and middle school youth who vape or smoke has declined significantly since the peak of the so-called “youth vaping epidemic,” while the percentage of those who still vape non-tobacco flavors has risen. Keep in mind that the 68.8% vaping flavors in 2019 equates to over 3.7 million youth vaping non-tobacco flavors, while the 89.4% in 2023 equates only to just over 1.9 million youth.

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Jacob Sullum: Anti-vaping Policies Undermine Harm Reduction

The shift from smoking to vaping is indisputably an improvement in terms of health risks, so making e-cigarettes less attractive to people who currently or formerly smoked is detrimental.

Policies that make vaping “less appealing to people who already have switched from smoking to vaping or might be interested in doing so. The results are predictable: A recent FDA-supported study of sales data from across the country found that state and local restrictions on ENDS flavors were associated with increased purchases of conventional cigarettes.” 

READ MORE: With Restrictive Vaping Policies, Efforts to Curb Cigarette Use Will Go Up in Smoke

TOBACCO CONTROL // A Delusion of Safety

Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner Ernest P. Legier, Jr. said in a statement: “By most accounts, there is a nationwide vape usage epidemic within the most vulnerable of our citizens-our youth. In response, the Louisiana legislature passed, and Governor Jon Bel Edwards signed, a new law which directly protects public safety by ensuring that only FDA approved vape products are offered for sale in our state.”

How delusional must one be to claim banning the sale of 99.9% of low risk vaping products “protects public safety” while also knowing that deadly cigarettes are sold everywhere and that illicit markets exist?

Furthermore, the 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey shows that youth vaping is down to 7.7% and smoking is down to 1.6%. There is no “nationwide vape usage epidemic!”

READ MORE: Shelves emptied of popular vape products as new state law goes into effect

TOBACCO CONTROL // One More Time: It’s The SMOKE

This tweet by Dr. Califf, the former FDA commissioner, is very MISLEADING, because the 460,000 deaths from “tobacco use” all involved exposure to SMOKE. It’s NOT from the nicotine, so teens using nicotine vapor products INSTEAD of smoking aren’t going to add to those deaths.

This is like stating there were 26,000 deaths from “vehicle use” without revealing that they also involved alcohol, speeding and/or distracted driving.

It’s important to note that Dr. Califf is now on the board for a company that is trying to get FDA drug approval for a therapeutic nicotine nebulizer, so it’s not ironic for him to suddenly be calling for new nicotine products only after decimating the vape industry during his stint at the FDA.

TOBACCO CONTROL // Consumers Turning to Internet to Circumvent Bans

Their ban of low risk alternatives to smoking popular with adults who smoke/vape isn’t working. Their solution? Ban more. (Note they don’t show evidence it’s youth doing the searching and not adults.)

READ MORE: Searches for online tobacco retailers skyrocket after CA ban on flavored products

MEDIA MISINFORMATION // Understanding Percentage Points vs Percent

No, News Nation, a decline from 14.1% to 10% is a drop of 4.1 percentage points, not a 4% drop. 🤦‍♂️

In 2022, 2.14 million (14.1%) high schoolers vaped at least one puff in the past 30 days. That dropped to 1.56 million (10%) in 2023, which is actually a substantial 27.1% drop!

MEDIA MISINFORMATION // Blaming Common Illnesses on Vaping

It’s well-known that bacterial pneumonia often occurs following influenza infection:,Haemophilus%20influenzae%2C%20and%20Streptococcus%20pyogenes

No evidence was presented to suggest his “antibiotic-resistant lung infection following a bout with the flu” was caused by his vaping and not his “bout with the flu.”

FDA // Agency Finds Another Obscure Nicotine Product to Kick Around

The FDA seems determined to ban everything adults might use but youth have no interest in. (And are no more of an accident risk to kids than a Nicorette mini lozenge resembling a Tic Tac.)

CASAA director Jim McDonald reporting for Vaping360.

READ MORE: FDA Finds Another Obscure Nicotine Product to Kick Around

RESEARCH // Debunking Another Glantz Lie

Stanton Glantz has released yet another poorly- designed study for which to use to make baseless claims.

When experts in THR debunked his “science,” it was very telling that Stan could only attack the researchers’ motive rather than argue their science. His comment was removed (it was #4) by moderators, likely because it had “no significant bearing on the science.” Classic Glantz.

However, we still recommend reading this excellent analysis (link below) by Floe Foxon & Saul Shiffman to understand why Glantz’s conclusions were so ridiculous.

READ MORE: Are e-cigarettes associated with less quitting smoking among adolescents using them in a quit attempt? Re-analysis reveals changes to findings


Watch Alex, Logan and Lt. Diane Goldstein of The Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) as they discuss the FDA’s looming ban on menthol, illicit markets for tobacco/nicotine products (including vaping products,) and if harm reduction can help solve issues between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

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