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SSSO vape raised $25 million in Angel round financing, with over 10,000 kits monthly sales


Electronic cigarette brand SSSO closed $25 million angel financing round. Investors have not yet been disclosed. After this round of financing, SSSO electronic cigarette will increase investment in domestic and foreign market layout, brand marketing, product development and design, atomization technology upgrading.

SSSO is the electronic cigarette brand of Soko Technologies. It was founded in January 2019. Its founding team is from Ali, Huawei, Gardobo and other well-known companies. The core members of the overseas team are from Unilever, and from USA, Netherlands, Indonesia and so on.

ssso vape

In terms of brand strategy, Jiang Youbai, Chief Strategic Consultant of SSSO, said that SSSO hoped to meet the needs of adult smokers through electronic cigarette products, at the same time, compile the classical or fashion brands and high-end brand culture recognized by enterprises, and define SSSO culture. “Marlboro, for example, is the representative of its image of the bold western cowboy, which successfully led the brand from the positioning of women’s cigarettes to men’s cigarettes, to become one of the most famous brands in the world today.”

As far as market layout is concerned, it is reported that the monthly sales of SSSO in the domestic market have exceeded 10,000 through the combination of distribution system and Wechat Mall. Overseas markets mainly focus on consumer markets such as headquarters in the United States, the Netherlands and Indonesia, aiming to achieve the goal of globalization in the future.


Referring to the upcoming new national standards and related policies, SSSO said that the introduction of the new national standards means that the era of brutal growth of the electronic cigarette industry is coming to an end, which is good for both smokers and industry. After the introduction of the policy, we can eliminate some brands whose products are not up to standard, and the real competition in the industry has not officially begun until now. “SSSO used e-liquid imported from the United States and registered by the United States FDA in the early stage of market layout, not only to ensure the quality and taste of products, but also to prepare for the introduction of new national standards.”


It is understood that SSSO has established a research and development base in Shenzhen, and the core members of the research team are from Huawei.

At present, SSSO 1.0 generation products are mainly SSSO S1 pod sytem and SSSOO 1 disposable vape pend. According to the official website of SSSO, the price of SSSO S1 pod system is 499/set (including: device X1; pod X3; charger X2). There are three kinds of pod flavors: classic tobacco, iced mint and iced lemon soda; the price of one-off vape pen is 49 yuan, 3 pieces kit are 129 yuan, and it comes with three kinds of flavors: cigarette milkshake, iced mint and iced lemon soda, iced lemon soda.

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