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The Smoking Quiter’s Experience Share – The Feeling of 3 Month Vaping


After 3 months of vaping,  I have five or six of the vaporizer, 4 smoke poles and boxes, and a few piles of e-cig oil. There are too many oils that I can not count up them by the bottle. Many of them have been dropped away, both imported and domestically made. It may be insane to spend over 2000 dollars on electronic cigarettes in three months. I pursue the feeling of smoking tobacco at the beginning.

After trying dozens of kinds of vaporizers and oil, changing different vaporizers, poles, boxes, the reality proved that no vaporizers and oil are same as tobacco taste, so I give up pursuing the true cigarette taste.

This process to find out that is rather expensive, 2/3 of the money is spent on the vaporizer and the oil, and I tried to manufacture my own DIY oil. Finally, I give up. Why, because after serious study of the DIY oil and oil manufacturing process, the key process is “waking oil“. That’s too big and a lot of toss and toil. Meanwhile, I worry about the safety of raw materials much.


As the time went on, I slowly felt disgusted with the smell of real cigarette, and then I had no interest in tobacco. At current, I constantly smoke the LIQUA standard mixed traditional tobacco, 1:1 mixed, sometimes I’m tired of it, then I drip a few drops of mint.  Besides, my favorite one is the Smok coffee flavored mint.

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Later on, I see people make big smoke, and I did not idle. I own the Atlantis and Kanger vaporizer kit immediately and toss for a period of time with it. I think big smoke is only good for showing off sometimes. It scares others and makes myself sick. Because the thick smoke does not add in nicotine usually, or the body can not suffer that big dose. Without nicotine when smoking, I can’t get over the tobacco addiction. So after think it over and over again, this play is not interesting, because my ultimate goal is to quit smoking, I should gradually reduce the content of nicotine. So I put 6mg and 0mg vape oil  in two separate atomizers,  when I go out, I take it in my pocket, mainly with 0mg as the staple food. I smoke the 6mg one when I can’t stand the addiction. I persisted it for more than a month and finally, the nicotine dependence was significantly reduced because there was less awareness of smoking.


I use the Nautilus atomizer daily. When it’s free, after a few mouthfuls of tea after dinner, I smoke the vape three months. Except a dry mouth and oral ulcer, there is no change in the gums. Everybody may have a different feeling and the performance is not exactly the same. I only talk about it on me.


My goal now is not to smoke even electronic cigarettes. There are different opinions about the dangers of electronic cigarettes. When others talk about it, I quit my smoke. Only depending on the electronic cigarette is not good, but also should have the plan and willpower. Otherwise, the result is having quitted the tobacco but becoming addicted to the electronic cigarette. Originally I planned to smoke the vape for a year, and then gradually quit vaping. Currently, it seems that the time is shortened, because sometimes when I look at the fog out of the “smoke” spit on the table, glass, the color white is a bit horrifying.

I see a layer of oil is left on the surface. They are all into the lungs, especially the thick smoke player, that’s even more frightening.

All things have two sides, vapes for the people who quit smoking, is really a very good substitute for tobacco, it is very helpful to quit smoking. But the other side is not clear, mixed, domestic also has no relevant laws and safety quality testing standards about the vape in China when there are in USA, Japan and Hong Kong and so on. It makes us smokers very confused. These are the personal feelings that I’ve been walking through all the way.

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Jimmy Grace

I have been smoking the vape directly without smoking the tobacco, for three months, I have become the same disgusted with those who smoke in the room like other people. I feel that smell is really bad with a spray core burning smell. So quit smoking is about the perseverance, mainly your subjective consciousness. I quit smoking and gained 20 pounds in 3 months. The amount of food eaten increased greatly. Now it is not the problem of smoking cessation. I should lose weight. I wish you all quit smoking at an early date.



I am a developer of vape oil, and I developed food flavors before developing the tobacco oil. In my experience, except the composition of nicotine in the vaporizer oil (tobacco extract also contains tobacco extract, etc.), other ingredients are food grade monomers or natural extracts, all of which can be found at 2760 (at least from my hand). The ingredients in the formula, except for nicotine, are found in 2760, and these ingredients exist in all the foods we usually drink, eat candy, biscuits, and so on.


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