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5 tips to make yourself smell NOT like a smoker


If someone asks you suddenly “Did you just…have you smoked?” Don’t think this is a daily greeting. ” Behind every detective question about the smell of smoke, there are very rich subtexts hidden behind. So how to make yourself smell not like a smoker´╝č

No1. Clearing your mouth

Chewing gum, mouthwash, dental appliances

Carry gum, mouthwash,

Clean your mouth after smoking.

If conditions permit, you can bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste

How to make yourself smell NOT like a smoker

No. 2. Wash your hands

Fruity hand sanitizer, aromatherapy lotion

After smoking,

Nicotine and tar in the smoke will stick to your hands.

Therefore, wash your hands with liquid soap after smoking.

Apply aromatherapy lotion after washing to effectively remove the smell of smoke on your hands.

No. 2. Wash your hands

No.3 Laundry

Fresh smelling detergent, vinegar,

Tar and nicotine tend to stick to clothes, especially sleeves.

Therefore, smokers should often do the laundry.

If the smell of smoke is persistent, add a glass of vinegar while washing.

As an acidic substance, vinegar has the effect of neutralizing the smell of alkaline smoke.

No.3 Laundry

No. 4 Spray

Spray water made of special spices

Spray water or eau de toilette made with special fragrances,

Sprayed on the body, hair and clothing, it can have the effect of removing smoke.

But never use perfume with a strong smell,

Otherwise, the aroma and smoke smell will be mixed together, and the smell will be more unpleasant.

No. 4. Spray

No. 5 Use a vape or heat not burn device

Vapes like Snowplus comes with no tar and no other unpleasant smells in tobacco, it even makes you smell good when vaping.

Heat not burn device like YouMe takes the new technolgoy,

The filter core is made of polymer materials,

Triple filtration to remove 90% of harmful substances,

Effectively filter tar and reduce odor.

5 Use a vape or heat not burn device


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