Significant changes to e-cigarette rules in Australia

With liquid nicotine on the prescription list, Australia’s e-cigarette rules will change significantly next year, according to 7 news.

Health minister Greg Hunt said the import of liquid nicotine would require medical approval from 1 October 2021.

At present, the sale of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine is illegal in all of Australia. In addition to Nan’ao, it is also illegal to hold e-cigarettes without a medical prescription.

Hunt said the changes will help prevent teenagers from becoming addicted to e-cigarettes and nicotine. This regulation follows the recommendations of the therapeutic supplies Administration (TGA).

From September 1 this year, the Australian government raised the tobacco consumption tax again by 12.5%.

Now, the important reform of e-cigarettes announced by the government also means that “you may feel more pressure, but you have no right to breathe”.

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