Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Shanghai FOG GOD Vape Collaborates with Yunnan Tobacco Industrial LLC on E-liquid


Incredible! Shanghai FOG GOD vape brand teamed up with China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial LLC to supply e-cigarette fragrance atomizing e-liquid directly. 

On August 27th, Shanghai FOG GOD E-cigarette Brand and China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial LLC’s China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial New Material Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a cooperation agreement, the two parties will jointly promote the creation of a healthy e-cigarette brand that meets the taste of Chinese smokers – FOG GOD.

It is understood that FOG GOD disposable e-cigarette is a real cigarette replacement by the research and development team through more than 200 days of efforts. It uses heating and non-burning nicotine salt extraction technology to extract micro-nicotine salt from natural plants instead of traditional nicotine, which can deeply reduce the taste of real cigarettes and make nicotine an organic salt that is really beneficial to human health. Therefore, people will have a feeling of comfort that they want to smoke.

这次创业我们想了100种不可能,FOG GOD雾神让我们孤枕难眠!

FOG GOD fog vapes match the taste of different flavors of smoke for the old smokers, young smokers and female smokers, making it more in line with the smoking habits of old smokers. A FOG GOD e-cigarette can be absorbed 500 mouths, which is much better than traditional cigarettes. As long as you take a deep breath, you can feel the new experience of healthy smoke without tar, CO (carbon monoxide) and no carcinogens.

Just like FOG GOD’s Chinese meaning “fog god”, FOG GOD is the use of atomization to reduce the harm of second-hand smoke, so that health smoking becomes a reality.

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