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RUi chewing-gum-style disposable vape pen is launched – Thinnest vape in the world


The “Instant Sharing 2019 RUi Electronic Cigarette New Product Press” held by RUi brand officially opened in Shenzhen Airbody New Media Laboratory on the afternoon of June 22. 150 special guests, major media and electronic tobacco industry elites gathered at the 1500 square meter press site to witness the great moment of the launch of RUi electronic cigarette new product, Rui chewing-gum-style electronic cigarette.

RUi chewing-gum-style electronic cigarette

RUi-styel product launch press conference opening

RUi chewing-gum-style electronic cigarette

With the vigorous song brought by SMK of the new hip-hop team and the fancy vapor show of Big God Cloth, the enthusiasm of the conference scene was ignited instantly. Now let’s share and experience the new electronic cigarette of RUi instantly: a unique style, fashionable RUi disposable vape was officially released!

RUi company concept

Mr. Jiang Hui, the founder of Ruishi Technology, shared some opinions about the electronic cigarette industry on the spot. He believed that electronic cigarettes would probably become one of the must-have device for smokers in the future. In the hot and impetuous industry background, he thinks that calming down to elaborate a good product to give consumers the best good experience is necessary, especially when the industry is relatively new. Good technology and good products need to be accumulated and precipitated.

Mr. Jiang Hu

Speaking of Ruishi’s team, Mr. Jiang Hui said, “We are just a group of ordinary people, a group of pragmatic people, and not an All-Star team, but we choose to do a good job of pragmatic products, good customer service, which is fundamental. It puts forward ‘altruism’ as the starting point, so as to satisfy consumers, and to keep consumers satisfied, all on the premise of improving consumer satisfaction.”

RUi has a stable supply chain and production capacity, independent research and development team of e-liquids, independent research and development team of atomizing core with independent patents and intellectual property rights. It focus on consumers to develop the whole product, covering the whole application scene.

Finally, Mr. Jiang Hui concluded by borrowing the words of an old entrepreneur, “We doubted this era in 1999, and we doubted the world in 2009. Only those who believe in the world in the uncertain environment and in their own abilities come through all the difficulties in the end, and only those who survive through nine deaths can be called success.”

“Unique” is the label of RUi, which is RUi, a unique RUi.

devil cat rui

RUi product reveal

The glittering RUi chewing gum electronic cigarette is officially on sale!

The delicate and compact RUi chewing gum electronic cigarette simulates the scenario of chewing gum sharing, grasps the needs of young consumers to share instantly, and creates a hot social fashion product with extreme hand experience. RUi chewing gum electronic cigarette not only has a simple and creative packaging appearance, but also RUi cooperates with the first brand devil cat of China’s cool positioning cartoon IP to create cool RUi electronic cigarette products and create unique IP electronic cigarette! With RUi chewing gum e-cigarettes, you can be the most beautiful kid in the street.

RUi chewing-gum-style electronic cigarette

In order to meet the demand of consumers to quit smoking, RUi has carefully designed this chewing gum electronic cigarette with decreasing nicotine content, which decreases from 4.9% to 0. RUi chewing gum electronic cigarette never forgets its original intention, and always takes consumers’healthy and fashionable life as its original intention. Twelve special flavors of RUi chewing gum electronic cigarette can be tasted at will and shared immediately. This is the taste of youth, this is the taste of fashion, this is the taste of RUi electronic cigarettes.


It’s not smoking that you can’t quit, it’s friends.

Mr. Liu Lei, deputy general manager of Ruishi Technologies, introduced the new product to all the guests at the scene, Ruishi RUi chewing gum electronic cigarette, a disposable electronic cigarette that can be thrown away as soon as it is used up. They hope to solve the problem of social sharing of e-cigarettes through this kind of e-cigarettes which can be shared instantly.

RUi chewing-gum-style electronic cigarette

RUi chewing gum electronic cigarette is the thinnest one in the electronic cigarette industry at present, no thinner one than this anymore. The whole device is only 4.2mm thick, which is 2.4 green arrow gum thickness. In order to achieve this thickness, RUi abandoned the industry’s commonly used aluminum alloy material, chose a thinner thickness, harder stainless steel shell. At the same time, special research and design of small size batteries and control circuit boards make this product extremely thin. In addition to achieving the ultimate comfort of the feel, it gets rid of the cold industrial sense, creating this product more social sharing attributes.

RUi chewing-gum-style electronic cigarette

Zhou Jianqing, the head of Ruishi Sales and Operation Company, shared four advantages of why they make electronic cigarettes, including team advantage, product advantage, supply chain advantage and channel advantage. And for this new Ruixin conference, he gave his congratulations: the cross-sea experience shows the true character of heroes, and the rivalry of hundred rivals highlights the brilliance and sagacity of the world. He believed their RUi product will achieve great success by the above words.


Professional Experience Officer Sharing

Li Ruoshi, a professional experience and review officer at the conference site, shared his experience, “RUi chewing gum e-cigarette is very light and has a very good hand feel; and RUi chewing gum e-cigarette vaping resistance can satisfy most people; the most important thing is the social attributes of RUi chewing gum e-cigarette products, which perfectly simulates the scene of cigarette sharing and truly achieves instant sharing. Brilliant!”

RUi chewing-gum-style electronic cigarette

Li Ruoshi shared that, after all, it is a product in mouth, we can see that RUi attaches great importance to the cleanliness of the product itself. A one-time low-cost fast-consumption product, at any cost, has made two-layer packaging. There is also a fully sealed aluminum foil bag in the carton to ensure that dust and other pollutants can not invade before the product is opened.

RUi chewing gum e-cigarettes are officially on the market today. Would you like to have a RUi chewing gum e-cigarette that is shared instantly at the forefront of the trend? RUi online and offline channels have been started selling at the same time, 1 packag price is at 19.9 yuan, such a beautiful price, do you like it? “Healthy guardian, fashionable taste, ready now, it is your necessity.” RUi chewing gum electronic cigarette starts with stylish appearance, loyal to quality. Let’s experience the fashionable and healthy life brought together by RUi!

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