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Relx exits Shenzhen Ecig Expo 2020 in August


On June 22, it was confirmed from various channels that the domestic electronic cigarette end brand relx Yueke will not participate in the electronic cigarette exhibition held in Shenzhen from August 20 to 22 this year.

The Shenzhen e-cigarette exhibition was originally scheduled to be held in April, but it was postponed to August 20-22 due to the new crown epidemic. Compared with last year, the scale of the exhibition hall decreased by 2, and the current plan shows that there are 3 exhibition halls.

Blue hole in the previous exhibition hall plan, we can see that the mainstream small smoke and big smoke brands are concentrated in hall 1, hall 2 and hall 9, partial HNB, supply chain and some small smoke brands. Among them, the largest one is relx Yueke, with a special exhibition size of 18×30 and an area of 540 square meters, which is called the king of this exhibition.

At this time, it is only 2 months from Shenzhen electronic cigarette exhibition, Yueke suddenly does not participate in the exhibition, which may bring some chain reactions to the entire electronic cigarette industry.

According to the current industry development and the actual situation, the new consumption of Landong boldly speculates on several reasons for Yueke’s move out. The reasons have not been officially confirmed and are only for reference.

First, because the new crown epidemic is still out of control overseas, overseas e-cigarette buyers and industry practitioners will not be able to enter the domestic conference, while Shenzhen e-cigarette exhibition in August is known for connecting domestic and foreign buyers and sellers.

According to media reports, there were 8.8 million confirmed cases and 460000 deaths in the world, including more than 2.2 million confirmed cases in the United States and 120000 pick-up dead cases, an increase of 27000 yesterday. Yesterday’s data showed that 65 countries in the world have diagnosed 10000 cases and 13 countries have diagnosed 1000 cases a day.

From these data, the overseas new crown epidemic situation is still in an uncertain state, and the overseas e-cigarette practitioners are basically unable to enter China.

Second, because of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Beijing, the manufacturers are worried that they will not be able to participate in the exhibition smoothly?

The outbreak of Beijing epidemic began last week in the new wholesale market, and has now dropped to the daily single digit. However, the relevant transmission chain and source are still under investigation. Many provinces and cities in other places require that people from Beijing hold nucleic acid detection and landing isolation policies, which may affect the travel of Shenzhen exhibition.

Third, Yueke may think it is unnecessary to participate in domestic exhibitions. This reason is not impossible.

Last week, Yueke cited Nielsen’s data, showing that Yueke’s market share in 19 new first tier cities reached 69%.

In blue hole’s quarterly brand mind ranking, Yueke Q1 ranked first, accounting for 63%.

From the above two data, Yueke is indeed the head brand. Whether it is necessary to participate in the exhibition can be considered.

Reason 4: Yueke has no new products released this year, so it is unnecessary to participate in the exhibition?

At present, Yueke has launched four products, one classic, two alpha, three smart smart smart points and four infinite. There is no special new release this year, and only all products will be displayed in the exhibition. It seems that it is not necessary to release new products without new releases?

The above reason is only for blue hole speculation, which has not been confirmed by the official. It is only for your reference.

Analysis: what is the impact of Yueke not participating in the exhibition?

1. The 540 square meter booth vacancy, who will be responsible for the vacancy, will be a problem for the organizers. It can’t be empty.

2. It is unknown whether the head top flow will affect the quality of the exhibition if it does not participate in the exhibition. Judging from last year’s exhibitions in Shenzhen and Shanghai, Yueke’s booths are indeed the most visited.

3. Other brands may be happy. For example, the top five brands will get more attention. It’s not a bad thing for Yueke not to participate in the exhibition.

4. Some brands may go back with the trend. If the head does not participate in the exhibition, the industry will panic. Some brands may cancel the exhibition.

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