Ovale EMODE molecular vape review

Hello everyone, I am Vape Jesse, I am very delighted to meet you. The heating element in the atomizing core can directly affect the use effect of the vape. At present, the most common electronic cigarette heating element is a metal coil. Ovale’s latest EMODE RFA vape is not equipped with a conventional coil, but uses the US imported RFC heating element as a heating component.

From the outer packaging, you can see the sample of the most important part of the molecular vape, the RFC heating element imported from the United States has been tested for a long time in the number of times of heating, and also passed the safety test of the independent laboratory in the United States. Therefore, in terms of security, consumers do not have to worry about this advanced technology’s security risks.

The molecular heating element, heating self-cleaning, has millions of long life and you only need to replace the cotton film, the characteristics of the four molecular atomizers are clearly explained on the side of the nebulizer box, which is the very digital product characteristics. In addition to the atomizer body, spare glass and accessory box in the package, the molecular atomizer is equipped with tweezers for the placement of cotton during the atomization core reconstruction.

The 24mm diameter molecular atomizer gives user a very neat feel in shape, and the top cover part and the intake adjustment ring part have strip-shaped projections for providing a friction surface when rotating the part. Above the inner chamber of the vape, there is the same texture as the top cover and the adjustment ring portion, which makes the overall great appearance of the vape.

The push-pull top oil filling structure greatly improves the convenience of use of the molecular atomizer. After the top cover is pushed open, the oil filling hole can completely satisfy the insertion and oil injection of the dropper, which is very convenient. The large-diameter honeycomb resin nozzle not only has a good look, but also has a very good heat insulation effect when being used.

After disassembling the atomizer, you can see that the base part of the molecular atomizer is very unique, much like the DIY atomizer without electrode column structure. Unlike a conventional coil atomizing core, the oil guiding cotton of the molecular atomizer is not wrapped by the coil, but the two pieces of the heating sheet sandwich the cotton sheet. The guide opening of the atomizer is large, and even when using the power continuously sucked using a power at about 80 W, the atomization core does not have insufficient oil guiding.

The two gray sheet-like objects with small holes are advanced technology RFC heating sheets. The double heating sheet structure ensures more uniform heating and enhances the atomization effect, while the small holes ensure that the heating sheets, it won’t show locally overheat problem. The laboratory data of RFC heating sheets for millions of heatings. Assume using 300 molecular atomizers per day,  the heating elements of the molecular atomizer will have a service life of about ten years.

More than just a high-life heating element, the molecular nebulizer only needs to be installed with oil guide cotton when the atomizer is rebuilt. The atomizing core only needs a 5*18mm tampon. A piece of cotton can make about 30 tampons. According to the size of the metal in the kit, the user can easily cut out the molecular nebulizer tampons.

Through the attention card in the package, it can be known that the molecular atomizer can not be quenched to remove carbon deposits like ordinary coils, and it is only necessary to heat the heating sheet at 30W. According to the notice of the note card, the normal use of the RFC heater can be guaranteed to ensure the service life of the heating element.

The long-life heating element can also bring a very delicate taste performance. When used at a power of 40W or more, the molecular atomizer can bring a good amount of smoke. Although it is impossible to compete with some of the twin-shaped fancy coils, the atomization effect of the molecular atomizer is indeed better than the fancy coil. Meanwhile, the graininess of the smoke from the Ovale EMODE molecular vape is much reduced.

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