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OSSKY disposable vape review


OSSKY disposable vape review

Ossky electronic cigarette outer package adopts embedded gift box design, the outer front is printed with product 3D effect drawing and ossky product logo, the lower left corner is marked with two smoke bombs, and the right side is illustrated with a pattern to briefly use. The back of the package is also printed with the product effect picture. We feel that the product picture on the back is younger and more active than that on the front. Below are important information such as internal details of the product, marks prohibited for minors, special reminders, bar codes, etc. The color selection of ossky pod can be reflected on the side of the package. At present, it has three colors: coral red, Avocado Green and deep space gray.

OSSKY disposable vape review

The internal details of the package are:
device* 1

pods *2

USB charging cable * 1

Description *1

Product appearance:

OSSKY disposable vape review OSSKY disposable vape review

The appearance of the product is similar to the disposable vape, with only 13g weight and a small size of 99 * 11mm. It gives the user the first impression and can’t help but praise it secretly. The main body of the small steel gun adopts a symmetrical design scheme, and the front and back sides of the smoke oil visual window or the position of the LED breathing induction light in the middle of the fuselage are treated the same. The main body is made of aluminum alloy, with light hand feel. The body coating adopts the combination of skin like material and sanding process, which has a better hand experience and no cold feeling.

OSSKY disposable vape review OSSKY disposable vape review

Compared with the cigarette, the size is very similar; compared with the ordinary disposable vape, it will appear shorter and more portable. The “ossky” logo is attached on the bottom side of the product, but the logo printing is darker. It is recommended that the brand adopt a brighter coating or radium carving treatment. The USB interface at the bottom corresponds to the ordinary Android data cable, which is convenient for charging. The built-in battery capacity of the fuselage is 280mah, and the charging time is about 35 minutes, which can be used safely in the daytime.

OSSKY disposable vape review

The gold-plated electrode contact and its strong magnetic field can be seen on the top of the device, which are placed in the shape of “ten”. Some users may wonder, is this kind of design required to be assembled meticulously when placing? Can’t it be electrified or reduce the contact rate if the position is not good? In fact, this is not the case. During the test, it was found that although the device and the pods are in the same cylindrical shape, the user can place the pod at will because of the orientation of the electrode contact and the strong magnetic field. When the device top is combined with the pod bottom, the strong magnetic absorption is used cleverly to combine the strong magnetic part, and the electrode contact will naturally complete the corresponding state, which is interesting.

OSSKY disposable vape review

Pod characteristics:

OSSKY disposable vape review

OSSKY disposable vape review

After the introduction of the device, let’s talk about the characteristics of the pod. The pod and the device are both cylindrical, 45 * 11mm in size. From the appearance, we can see the difference between this pod and the ordinary spod. The shell of device is made of tritan plastic material with high safety factor, which is generally called “silica gel”. The product logo, taste name and batch number are printed on the side of the cartridge. The outer layer of the top of the pod protrudes a layer, which is convenient for the connection with the device.

OSSKY disposable vape review OSSKY disposable vape review

The pod adopts the new honeycomb ceramic atomizing core technology of feelm, which has absolute confidence in the heating speed and oil guide speed of the atomizing core. The resistance of the atomizing core of the small steel gun is about 1.4 Ω, but with the support of the new technology of feelm, the amount of atomizing smoke will increase by 40%. The top of the pod has a condensation reflux design, and the addition of multi-layer leakage prevention technology also reduces the oil leakage rate to a low level.

Flavor experience

OSSKY disposable vape review

The internal capacity of the pod is 1.8ml, and the content of butyl salt is 3%. The official test number of puffs is about 300, which is enough for ordinary users. The user can easily observe the remaining capacity of the smoke oil inside the pod through the design of the viewable window, which is convenient for replacing the pod. There are six flavors of tobacco pod: ice mint, bean paste ice, blueberry, lychee, classic tobacco and mellow coffee. For testing reasons, we only shared the testing experience of two flavors of the starter kit, i.e. ice mint and bean cake.

OSSKY disposable vape review

Bean paste ice:

The taste of mung bean is different from that of mung bean ice cream. It is more inclined to the soft waxy of mung bean cake and the mellow mung bean in mung bean soup. The taste of peppermint is not too exciting when inhaled, but at the smoke entrance, the taste of mung bean is preferred in the mouth, and the taste of peppermint will follow. The scheme of this kind of cigarette oil makes the level sense of its cigarette oil very obvious, and it is undoubtedly a good suction experience for users who like mint with low concentration.

Cool Mint:

Peppermint has a soft, non irritating taste. The feeling of peppermint is not peppermint leaves, but is infinitely close to the real experience brought by ice. The slight sweetness relieves the bitterness and astringency of peppermint, emphasizes and highlights the coolness and fragrance of peppermint, so as to increase the impression of users on their feelings.


Ossky disposable vape pen

In the era of flat vape,

Make it into one

Small and portable products with comfortable hand feel and good taste.

Especially when the device is combined with the pod,

Infinitely close to the appearance of disposable vape,

And disposable electronic cigarettes

For a smaller design,

No doubt it’s a good thing for users.

But when it comes to the taste of tobacco pods,

Maybe 3% nicotine strength doesn’t have a strong sense of throat punching

But products like e-cigarettes that replace cigarettes,

It’s just to slowly reduce the nicotine intake rate,

So as to achieve the purpose of replacing smoking and quitting smoking

OSSKY disposable vape review

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